5th Vegan Brunch Potluck Meetup at Lagarto Brasserie


Vegan Brunch Potluck Meetup is a fun social food event bringing us together to enjoy potluck meals while each member brings their own vegan dish.

On Sunday, November 10th, 2019, Lagarto Brasserie (Venture Restaurants Tenerife) with passion for gourmet food, The Foodie Community with a mission of bringing back true, real-life connection through fun & unique culinary experiences, and Canary Green with their initiative for a sustainable future joined hands to deliver yet another successful event.


The connections we form during Vegan Meetups are real, for life — we believe nothing brings people together more than a generous spread of delicious food. As simple as that. No matter our cultural background, food preparation and eating is universal. Yet, food is much more than nourishment; it is the vehicle through which we communicate sentiments, express our creativity and create memories. And it is the sharing of food with others that keeps us connected.

Vegan Meetup is a great way to meet like-minded individuals, build stronger bonds with old friends and make new friends — some participants do the grocery shopping and cooking before the event together, some come for a Sunday family lunch, some become really good friends after our events — Vegan Brunch Potluck Meetup is indeed making people more joyful and connected.

Participating at the food event can also be a fun way to excite your kids about healthy cooking, as everyone has the opportunity to join The Foodie competition and win a prize for the best dish voted by participants.

This time the prize was awarded to three talented little cooks who won our hearts and taste buds with their delicious gluten-free walnut & chocolate pancakes. 


In addition to homemade vegan goodies, the guests brought to share with each other, we also had a chance to taste fabulous dishes from our hosts’ Lagarto Brasserie Vegan World Menu. 

As they are one of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Tenerife, we could indulge in splendid and innovative creations such as Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Seared Tofu, Hand-Crafted Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Sautéed Wild Mushrooms & Caramelized Shallots on toast, and last but not least, everyone’s favourite addition to the menu: Wild Mushroom Pate.


The aim of such events is also to spread the word about a wide spectrum of choices and preferences, reaching as wide an audience as possible to make them see the health benefits and low environmental impact plant-based eating can provide.

Veganism used to be about health and animal welfare. However, the goals of a growing plant-based diet movement have shifted with people being increasingly motivated to ditch meat for the sake of the planet.

Whether you make the change for the love of animals, the environment, social justice, or your health, becoming a vegan is always a thrill. But it can also be lonely as the desire to share the magic of this amazing lifestyle may not always be met with enthusiasm by friends and family. 

And that is exactly what VEGAN BRUNCH POTLUCK MEETUP is here for.

Don’t miss out on our future events! 

Whether you’re new to vegan eating or a seasoned vegan in a new city, having a support system of like-minded friends is crucial to maintaining your happiness and, in some cases, your vegan lifestyle. While vegans make up a small part of the population, there’s still a great chance you’ll find like-minded people in your area if joining our events.

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Special thanks to our hosts & sponsors Lagarto Brasserie & Venture Restaurants Tenerife for such an amazingly delicious Vegan Tasting Menu Experience and the prize for the winners.😋

And a big shout out to the wonderful Canary Green team for all the help and support. 💚 

See you next time. 😉

Petra (The Foodie)

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