7 Green Businesses to Support in the Canary Islands

7 Green Businesses to Support in the Canary Islands

7 Green Businesses to Support in the Canary Islands

When we travel, one of the best ways to give back to the local economy is to support local businesses. Want to accelerate the positive impact you have when you travel?

Shopping at eco-friendly places when buying gifts and souvenirs from your holiday is a great way to do this. Buy locally sourced and crafted items where possible. After all, where we spend our hard-earned cash casts a vote for the type of future we want for our planet.

Here are seven awesome Canarian Green Businesses that are accelerating environmental activism in the region. They encourage conscious consumerism and being thoughtful and intentional with our purchases.

Check them out when you are in the Canaries!

7 Green Businesses to Support in the Canary Islands

A zero-waste store that sells everything from personal hygiene items to cleaning products. Accelerating the no plastic movement, they are doing a fantastic job offering alternatives to mainstream, plastic-laden products. 

If you’re on holiday you may not be in the market for a zero-waste floor cleaner! But try out one of their reusable bags to pick up your groceries. If we all take small actions, we can contribute to making a difference.  

A beautiful clothing store in the island’s capital that curates sustainable fashion collections.

Everything they sell is made sustainably and is cruelty-free. Check out some of the fun Spanish brands they sell, like Thinking Mu. The store itself is beautiful, and the staff is always happy to go out of their way to help you. One of the green businesses not to be missed when you’re in the Canary Islands.

In short

Why support local businesses:
• Get Products with Character
• Help Improve the Local Economy
• Get Quality Products that Last
• Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Primarily a take-out cafe that caters to healthy lunches on the go, Vegetopia also sells eco and sustainable products. 

Whether you need a new moisturiser or plastic-free toothbrush, you can find it here. And if you’re there anyway, you may as well try the delicious homemade bounty bar!

A gift with a difference, these beautiful candles are all hand-poured in Tenerife. Made with essential oils and sustainably sourced materials, they are entirely plastic-free and free from toxins. 

Each candle has a unique purpose, and you receive a digital booklet when you buy one to explain the significance of each ingredient. The candles are finished with a decoration of crystals and dried flowers, and each one has a slightly different design.

A perfect take-home memory of your time in the Canary Islands.

Handmade soaps and shampoos that are all plastic-free made using ingredients such as aloe vera, which is grown in the Canary Islands. They also sell organic toothpaste, moisturiser, deodorant, oils, and natural sponges. 

Travel is much lighter when you don’t have to carry around heavy shampoo and shower gel bottles. If you have been thinking of making your bathroom routine more plastic-free, then give these products a try. 

Two local sisters run the business, and you can often find them selling their products at local markets. The girls sell a starter pack to help you transition to plastic-free toiletries.

A zero-waste store that sells every eco product imaginable! From reusable water bottles to meat-free burgers, you can find something here that will help you reduce your impact while you are on holiday. Remember, small actions make a big difference. 😉

Cute t-shirts and bags all inspired by the ocean. This female-owned business sells unique gifts for adults and children alike. 

All products are handmade using environmentally friendly dyes and sustainable materials. 

We hope you get the chance to check out some of these change-making businesses while you’re in the Canary Islands. Create memories to last and then take a bit of the island home with you while supporting ethical and sustainable local businesses

Do you know any other Canarian Green Businesses paving the way for a more sustainable future? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi, thank you for such an insightful article. I am currently doing research on corporate sustainable give-aways in Tenerife. Do you know if Tenerife has a sustainable shop where we could buy give-away for clients in bigger volumes? We would be happy if we could support the local community and reduce CO2 by purchasing local products. Do you have ideas for give-aways that you can share? We were thinking of Seeds/plants nicely packaged, notebooks made from apples, reusable mugs, lampions powered with sun battery, smart light bulbs, etc. Ideally lower budgets, up to 10 Euros (but closer to EUR 5) and something that is practical for any household and any age. Thank you:)

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