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A dream and a salad bar

Who hasn’t at least once dreamed of stopping everything, moving to another country, and opening a little café, or a salad bar? Well, we found someone who has actually done it! The amazing Laurence quit her job in Belgium some years ago to follow her dream and open a salad bar here in Tenerife. And it’s not just any salad bar: It has to be the best one – Luxalad Los Cristianos.

A hidden gem

Luxalad is the perfect salad bar for a quick lunch. Located in a small back street in Los Cristianos, just by the beach, it’s perfect for taking a break after a session of beach volleyball, swimming, or simply hanging out at the beach. Here’s how it works: if you opt for a bowl, you choose your proteins, then some veggies, salsa, and toppings. There are various protein options ranging from meat to vegan hummus and tofu. Also, there is a big variety of veggies, so everybody will be able to find something they like!

Everything is super fresh and simply delicious. Of course, there are also other options like wraps, toast, sweet bowls, and the best part is saved for last: Don’t miss out on their incredible banana bread! The ingredients are sourced from local farmers’ markets, ensuring freshness and supporting local producers.

Something for everyone

Laurence invited us over for lunch the other day, and we were all amazed! Since Vincent and I are vegan, we had no trouble creating a nice vegan bowl, given the many vegan and vegetarian options available. It was the perfect lunch, allowing us to take a break and simply savor the food for a little while.

In short

At Luxalad you can find:
• sweet and savory bowls
• Wraps
• Toasts
• Juices and homemade lemonades
• amazing dessert and coffee

An inspiring story

We find Laurence’s story incredibly inspiring! So if you’re out there thinking about changing everything and taking a new path, this might be your sign to just do it! Often, there’s so much more to gain than to lose!

Thank you, Laurence, for inviting us to your salad bar and welcoming us with open arms! We’ll definitely come back soon!

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  1. This is definitely a place to go if you want to enjoy some fresh and delicious food! You can put together a bowl however you like it and also choose a salsa and toppings.

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