A new corporate culture and environmental awareness

Did you know about Tenerife´s most famous catchment area for microplastics? – Playa Grande in El Porís. That’s where ZDHC, a team engaged in revolutionizing textile industry practices, came together with Canary Green for one mission: enabling our future through a new corporate culture.

The mission

The ZDHC Managament Team, felt the pull of Tenerife’s beauty and wanted to give back to the island that welcomed them for their annual conference. Teaming up with Canary Green, renowned for their dedication to coastal conservation, they turned their enthusiasm into action.

The beach cleanup wasn’t just about picking up litter; it was a powerful symbol of collective action and shared responsibility. The educative momentum highlights microplastics origins, its impact on marine ecosystems, and the role each of us plays in finding solutions. As we worked side by side we engaged in conversations, sparking awareness and fostering a sense of urgency about the global issue of ocean pollution.

Having such activities within you corporate identity isn’t just philanthropy; it’s smart business. It’s about investing in a future where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life.

Reflecting on the experience

It’s evident that activities like beach cleanups should be more than just occasional outings; they should be integral to corporate culture.

Companies, like ZDHC, should feel not only empowered but compelled to engage in such activities regularly. After all, corporate social responsibility is about embodying values and driving positive change, both within and beyond the workplace.

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