We are promoting sustainable tourism on


Canary Green is the only English speaking non profit dedicated to sustainable tourism on the Islands. We want to help the ~14 million tourists visiting us each year to travel more sustainably.

That is why we have made it our mission to showcase and promote all the responsible and sustainable initiatives on the Canary Islands. Together with local businesses and travellers globally we help create this positive and necessary change.

  • We create powerful Media Coverage featuring local sustainable brands with our professional team (video, photo, blog, podcast, social media)
  • Sustainable Networking connecting sustainable businesses and individuals 
  • Social Media Sustainability Campaigns to inspire and create awareness
  • Our Media Partnerships help us reach a wider audience



I started the Canary Green brand after attending the opening of the Bioclimatic Village in Tenerife – the first of its kind in the world. I was not just made aware of the Bioclimatic village but also all the good work being done by ITER a research centre for renewable energies and new technologies. Finding out about all this good work Tenerife was undertaking to fight global warming coincided with yet another report on the devastating impact climate change is having on our planet. I saw the need to help showcase the work that the Canary Islands were doing to play our part in establishing a sustainable future.


Mission Statement:

We are committed to a sustainable future

Our mission is to promote responsible and sustainable tourism by showcasing all the amazing initiatives on the Canary Islands. We inspire local businesses and travellers globally to help create this positive and necessary change.