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Sustainable Spotlight – Alberto Dorner Boutique & Luxury Lodging Tenerife

Sustainable Spotlight - Alberto Dorner Boutique & Luxury Lodging Tenerife

It is not just the steep sloping volcanic hills of Icod de los Vinos that are green in Tenerife. Deep in the mountainside of the island’s northern town of Icod, Alberto Dorner Boutique and Luxury Lodging is trailblazing the way with their super charged sustainable tourism eco ethos. Once a pivotal wine making region on the island, Icod de los Vinos is now a hotspot for green slow living thanks to Alberto and his son Kay who have turned their rustic properties into a luscious Eden paradise. 

Rethinking Sustainable Tourism in Tenerife

A weekend staying at the Alberto Dorner properties welcomed the Canary Green team to the innovative mindset and generous hospitality of Kay. His belief of being ‘part of the solution and not the problem’ has led him to form an industry blueprint for sustainable travel within the island. While it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, today his eco vision for Tenerife has grown into seven apartments and two villas located in the beach side residential neighbourhood of San Marcos. The accommodation invites the outside in with each property boasting spectacular views of the northwestern coastline and impressive Mt. Teide volcano, the highest point in Spain. Designed with the needs of slow travellers in mind, the Alberto Dorner residences offer something to suit everyone’s tastes from high end luxury villas with a pool to one bed apartments. 

Canary Islands Tourism - Icod de Los Vinos

One thing that shone through during our stay was Kay’s ambition and abundance of love for his town of Icod de los Vinos as well as the island. His dedication to creating not just a sustainable but also open source business makes him an inspiration and key reference for sustainable tourism in Tenerife. In addition to this, his collaboration with local craftsmen and producers bolsters his passion for preserving Canarian culture in a modern, enhanced and sustainable way. Noteworthy highlights of our time spent with Kay include sampling local delicacies such as delicious Tenerife wine as well as salt, collected from the salt water pools of the San Marcos beach, a stone’s throw from the apartments. On top of this, Kay is a fountain of insights and wisdom, keen to share his fascinating stories about sustainable initiatives in Tenerife and captivating our attention with his ideas on the future of green travel in Tenerife

Insider Tip

Ask for their in-house naturalist and archaeologist Gustavo and ask him to take you on a nature and archaeology walk in the area.

Experience Sustainable Tenerife at Alberto Dorner

It was a truly magical experience to witness the creation of an eco-conscious narrative that Kay artfully spins around the luxury of making thoughtful choices. Every detail is carefully monitored to ensure that guests enjoy an authentic, memorable experience while embracing the slow travel ethos. From employing local staff to shopping locally, Alberto Dorner builds a strong link between the work they do and the local community. They are committed to preserving the environment of Icod de los Vinos for generations to come and use environmentally friendly cleaning products, low impact amenities and recycle everything possible. The beauty of eco-conscious travel is celebrated by Alberto Dorner and each guest is treated to an enriching stay designed to promote the very best of what the island has to offer. Experiences such as a relaxing massage or a guided tour of the best nearby hiking routes are just a few of the add on luxuries that guests can savour during their vacation. However, one stand out offering that Alberto Dorner provides guests with is access to their lovingly curated ‘Bodega’. This wine cellar which houses a hand picked selection of authentic Canarian wines from local vineyards is paid for by guests at the end of their stay using an ‘honesty box’ system encouraging guests to pay for what they consumed. 

Get to Know the True Tenerife

While it really felt as though time had stopped still during our stay at Alberto Dorner, their work on promoting green tourism on the island is more forward thinking than ever. Kay is a goldmine of information and was so eager to share his ideas with us. From recommendations of the best off the beaten track excursions to his plans to install water filters in all the properties, it is clear this is a man with a mission to make Tenerife green. It is highly recommended to use their comprehensive online concierge to fully enrich your experience. There is nothing like local knowledge to really feel at home in an area. We are already planning our next trip back!

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  1. Travelling is all about people, places and experiences. Alberto Dorner delivered over my expectations in all of these categories! It s not only a beautiful place that takes care of a local community but it’s also run by fantastic people who make it a unique experience flavoured with local culture!

  2. If you’re after slow travel, then your accommodation needs to be more of a priority. When slow travelling, you can do precisely what you feel like when you feel like it. Alberto Dorner is all about Slow Responsible Travel…. check them out you won’t be dissapointed!

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