Amazing green meeting at La Casona del Patio

Recently, we had an important meeting with the Canary Green team. Important for several reasons. Not just because we talked about our strategy and the future ahead, also because the team for now consists entirely of volunteers. Volunteers that all have another activity but are willing to put time and effort into Canary Green. It was time to bring those minds together and discuss the road we’re on and mostly, where we’re heading.

Green Brainstorming at La Casona del Patio

We were absolutely thrilled and thankful when the hotel La Casona del Patio, located in the picturesque village of Santiago del Teide, provided us with the opportunity to organise our meeting in one of their gorgeous salons. It motivates us and gives us hope that brands like these support the work we do! And even more when one of their team members showed us around the hotel, telling us about their smart eco-garden and other initiatives they have in place to be as sustainable as possible.

At lunchtime, the vegans of the team were happy to find out their Restaurant ‘Casa Vieja’ offers some delicious vegan options. I will definitely be back to try the ‘Coca Alicantina’ with spinach again!

Each team member spoke about their personal goals, how we felt about Canary Green and what could be done to solidate Canary Green as a non-profit organisation in the Canary Islands. After all, Canary Green is in its startup phase and such meetings will definitely help us maintain the essence of the brand, and make sure that that essence is reflected in every action we undertake, whether it be our own events and activities or the brands, individuals and initiatives we promote.

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