Andrea has been a volunteer at Canary Green for a couple of years and Andrea helps to promote sustainable travel in the Canary Islands to ensure the millions of travelers coming to the islands make greener choices that aid nature, culture and the local economy.

She’s a warm hearted, full-time traveler from Sweden (although born in Germany) and runs two annual events; the international Skin Body Spirit Summit and Swedish Holistiska Hudvårdsveckan, interviewing renowned holistic skin & wellness experts in order to increase awareness, knowledge and self-reliance.

The long-term effects of increased personal health and with that skin health and well-being also lead to a healthier society, healthier consumption habits and thus a sustainable future.

As Holistic Skincare Therapist, Nutritionist, natural skincare formulator and experienced Plant Based Chef holding a Certificate Of Excellence rewarded brunch café in Cambodia where she also worked to empower disadvantaged women by providing training in the small batch production of Cambodian virgin coconut oil based premium skincare, she stays curious to how to help the people and their habitat – our planet.

Her natural self-care journey started at the young age of 16 after a lecture on food additives that made her question what ingredients she put on her skin, in her body, where are these things coming from and what are they doing once released after usage?