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Beach Clean Up in Callao Salvaje

Beach Clean Up
Cleaning has its meaning...

Canary Green are devoted to encouraging and promoting sustainability throughout the Canary Islands and beyond – and how better to celebrate Plastic Free July than embarking on a beach clean?!

Armed with bin bags and a team of fantastic volunteers, Canary Green headed for Callao Salvaje. With extra helping hands from staff at The Pearly Grey Restaurants and Paradise Divers Tenerife Dive Centre, the afternoon was a veritable fusion of community spirit and togetherness, all for the benefit of our beautiful island.

Human´s Eagle eyes

The Paradise Divers got up close and personal with the seabed, recovering stray rubbish in the process.
Back on land, the Canary Green and Pearly Grey squads joined forces to patrol the sands with
eagle eyes.
Despite the wide-spread awareness of climate change and the rapidly growing momentum in
our fight against its many strains, our shores are still a detrimental trove of undesirable
rubbish. During this expedition alone, the teams recovered over ten bags full of litter, ranging
from can pulls to cigarette butts.

Plastic Free July - Planet can rely

Plastic Free July is a revolutionary trend praised and practised by approximately 326 million people across 177 countries, from Australia and England to Norway and the USA.

The movement encourages all of us as individuals to seriously reconsider the amount of
plastic we buy and use. The wider campaign targets large companies, schools and even
governments, aiming to spread education and create a more sustainable world. Ditch plastic straws, treat yourself to a funky reusable coffee mug, and invest in a sturdy, reusable shopping bag for your groceries – all quick and easy swaps we can adopt and carry into our everyday lives!

It’s sometimes easy to become deflated with the state of the world around us. It often feels like we’re fighting a losing battle in the face of climate change. But if every single one of us pledges to make a few simple lifestyle changes, we can tackle and reverse this impending crisis.

Whether you’re cutting back on your household’s meat consumption, joining in on a local litter pick or beach cleanup, or doing your bit for Plastic Free July by opting for paper straws – we can make a difference, and we are making a difference!

In short

Who do you help during the Beach Clean-Up?
• Planet
• Animals
• Nature
•Sea and waters
•People on the beach
•City, village where you live
• You - doing good thing, get tanned and Vitamin D at the same time 🙂


Aguita are another company ploughing forwards in their quest for sustainability. Based in the Canary Islands, Aguita have invented their own range of reusable water bottles, made from 18/8 stainless steel. Not only do the portable bottles automatically cut down on plastic waste, but they are also ultra safe and healthy to use, with virtually no chemicals being passed from container to the liquid inside. As if you need any more encouragement to check out their site and grab one of their bottles, Aguita also pledge to donate 1% of their annual sales to an environmental cause. The cause in question for the past the years has been The Ocean Cleanup: another non-profit organisation who dedicate their time to reducing the plastic that haunts our seabed.

More and more companies are starting to get onboard with the importance of endorsing sustainability within their places of work, and as a result are extending this knowledge to their employees and customers in the process. Awareness is – quite joyously – spreading like wildfire, with new innovative ideas being born every day. Travel Without Plastic are leading the way within their industry as they campaign to make tourism more sustainable. The company – founded in 2017 – aims to work alongside hotels and encourage a reduction of unnecessary plastic in the travel sector. 

An example of this is replacing single-use plastic trays often seen at all-inclusive buffets with an eco-friendly alternative. The negative impact on the experience of the guests would be non-existent, whereas the positive impact on the planet would be phenomenal, and would certainly cut back on a huge chunk of the offending material often found polluting our oceans.

Leaving beach clean up with great feeling

The beach clean-up at Callao Salvaje was a roaring triumph. The shores were left breathing a huge sigh of relief as they once again shimmied under the weightless canopy of the sky.
The sun cast its generous embrace across the coast. It was the perfect day to see the island in all of its spectacular glory, reminding us just why we do what we do, and why we thrive to preserve our beloved rugged landscape and turquoise waters.
The ocean winked its crystallised reflection of tranquillity in appreciation as bin bag by bin bag, it was allowed to breathe again

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Thank you

THANK YOU, Pearly Grey and Paradise Divers Tenerife Dive Center for very useful and succesful help during this event!🤩👍

Huge THANKS goes as well to everyone involved in this Canary Green project where our aim is to help promote sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands.

Do you want us to find you more sustainable choices? Please support us and donate today.

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