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Beach Cleanup in La Caleta for a greener environment

On Saturday (2019. 11. 02) we finally got to the event we’ve been waiting for so long. After months of organization, social media promotion and numerous meetings, we’ve held the beach cleanup in La Caleta. Even though the burning sunbeams of the Indian summer tried to hinder many people interested in the event to participate, almost 90 activists came to La Caleta city center to make Tenerife a cleaner and nicer island.

When registration has been finished, all participants got a T-shirt made from organic cotton, gloves, and different trash bags in order to separate the rubbish they find and make the recycling process easier. After some instructions and a motivational speech, the huge voluntary team took over the beaches of the town and collected cigarette buds, plastic bottles, cans and everything that doesn’t belong to Mother Nature.

We are delighted that not only locals participated in the cleanup, but people came from all sides of Tenerife. There were Italians, Hungarians, Polish, Dutch, Germans, Belgians and South Africans alike, which turned the event not only into an environmental activity but to an amazing networking and socializing opportunity.

After 1,5 hours of cleaning, the container got fully packed, and we offered some snacks and drinks to our diligent helpers. It was great to see families and children among the active volunteers because it means that their parents are teaching them to respect and appreciate nature around them.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, who not only helped us to organize the event but provided food and drink to all those, who came to make our surroundings cleaner. Those who were interested could also purchase some refillable water bottles and handy decorations made from recycled materials. It was indeed a successful event, and for sure there are more to come in the near future!

Thanks to Golf Costa AdejeHotel Suite Villa MariaTenerife Top Training, Canarian Weekly who helped us to make this initiative stand out.

Thanks to Coca-Cola, AGÜITA, Aguakmzero for helping us to make this event even more memorable.

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