Hello everyone, my name is Iga and I am a photographer who has a passion for traveling the world and capturing its beauty while also taking care of nature. I have just started a 6-month internship in Tenerife as part of the Erasmus program.

My love for exploring new places and cultures started when I studied abroad in Portugal and Spain. These experiences only fueled my desire to see more of the world and showcase its wonders through photography and appreciate beautiful environment around us.

Through my lens, I not only capture stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures and amazing people but also bring attention to the importance of preserving our planet. I believe that by sharing the beauty of the world, I can inspire others to appreciate and protect it.

Polluted oceans are a growing concern for environmentalists and marine life alike. The presence of plastic waste, chemicals, and other pollutants in the water is harmful to marine ecosystems and can have long-lasting effects on the health of the ocean. To preserve our oceans, we must take action to reduce our use of single-use plastics, properly dispose of waste, and support initiatives to clean up existing pollution. I would like to focus on raising awareness regarding preserving marine life.

During my time in Tenerife I would also like to immerse myself in the local culture, explore the natural wonders of the island, and continue honing my photography skills. I am eager to document my experiences and share them with the world, hoping to inspire others to travel responsibly and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Follow along my journey as I embarks on this new chapter in life, capturing the beauty of Tenerife and spreading awareness about the importance of taking care of our environment. Join me in mission to showcase the wonders of the world and inspire others to protect it for future generations.

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