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Breathtaking whale watching experience on tenerife’s most sustainable whale watching boat

On a wonderful 25-degrees-warm Saturday morning Federico and me, Selina, got on a remarkable marine experience with Whale Wise Eco Tours (WWET). We boarded their eco-friendly hybrid boat and traveled the recognized Whale Heritage Site off the west coast of Tenerife. WWET promises a sighting rate of 99.9 percent – so we were able to witness the magic of distinct species of cetaceans

We had the opportunity to listen to Mercedes Reyes, a seasoned marine biologist, as she shared her enthusiasm and impressive knowledge of cetaceans and their environments.

WWET isn’t simply a whale-watching experience; It’s a pledge to preserve the environment. They collect floating plastic when they see it and only use biodegradable products to protect the ocean. Their goal is crystal clear: to encourage support for oceans, whales, and dolphins.
Established by marine biologist Mercedes Reyes in 2018, WWET gives a piece of its benefits to research and preservation projects, stressing their obligation to a reasonable future.
The entrepreneurs from different countries, participants can establish valuable connections, build international networks, and explore potential business partnerships or collaborations.

Sustainable Whale Watching Tenerife
Eco Whale Watching Tenerife South

This is also why that Tenerife-based whale watching operator has become part of the WeWhale.co family. WeWhale encourages society to engage with whales and dolphins by offering whale observation experiences which directly contribute to cetacean protection. Founder Janek Andres created the organisation to build the first noise and emission-free whale and dolphin watching fleet worldwide.

The WWET boat “Esiel,” a 37-foot motorboat designed specifically for whale and dolphin watching, has been the subject of intense collaboration between WeWhale and WWET over the past few months. These efforts have included adopting WeWhale branding and modernizing the hybrid-electric drive technology to reduce environmental pollution and noise.

Eco Whale Watching Tour
Collected Ocean Waste
Eco Whale Watching Tenerife South
Sustainable Snack
Eco Whale Watching Tour
Sustainable Drink
Eco Whale Watching
Eco Whale Watching
Eco Whale Watching

Solar power powers the boat now, making it quieter and more authentic while still respecting the environment.

Improved wildlife interaction, increased fuel efficiency, cleaner air and water, increased sustainability, and, most importantly, happier guests and animals above and below the water are all benefits of this technology.

WeWhale founder Janek Andre stated that he is more than happy that Mercedes Reyes and the team around her have been doing an amazing job over the past few years in terms of responsible whale watching operations in Tenerife.

Dolphin watching in Tenerife with Eco Whale Wise Tour

Mercedes herself says:

“Reinventing an industry which haven´t been experienced any innovation in the last 70 years is truly a challenge but at the same time a huge motivation. In the end it´s all for “them”, our family and friends in the ocean! Offering the most animal and environmentally friendly whale and dolphin watching excursions combined with knowledge-based experiences for our guests on board is simply unique.”

Eco Whale Watching Tour

Every tour ends with breathtaking, lasting memories, polaroid photos of each participant, and a sustainable snack.

 Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience right away by watching and learning more about what responsible ecotourism really means!



Thank you to everyone involved in this Canary Green project where our aim is to help promote sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands.

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