Canary Green Beach Clean-Up: A Collective Effort to Honor World Ocean Day


Every year on June 8th, World Oceans Day serves as a global reminder of the profound impact human actions have on our oceans and the need to protect and preserve them. In perfect harmony with the spirit of this significant day, Mynd Hotel, Ocean Born Foundation, and Canary Green teamed up with a group of passionate volunteers to organize a beach clean-up event in the coastal town of Callao Salvaje, in Playa Ajabo. 

The Power of Community Collaboration

The beach clean-up event was marked by a remarkable turnout of dedicated volunteers from different amazing organizations on the island, which are doing great things to protect the island of Tenerife and its flora and fauna. Thus, we would like to thank Tenerife Horse Rescue and Ecoimplicados for joining us! Thanks to the Paradise Divers team, who dived into the Ajabo sea to clean the area. Driven by a shared commitment to making a positive difference, these enthusiastic individuals joined forces, armed with gloves, trash bags, and an unwavering determination to restore the pristine beauty of the shoreline.

The collective efforts resulted in the successful removal of various forms of litter that had been strewn across the sandy shores. Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and other debris, including microplastic, thanks to an ingenious machine brought by Ecoimplicados, were meticulously collected. It demonstrates the immense impact that even small-scale actions can have in revitalizing the health of our oceans and coastlines.

Educational Empowerment for Ocean Conservation

Recognizing the importance of educating individuals about the critical need to preserve our oceans and protect their delicate biodiversity, the event incorporated educational activities. These initiatives aimed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of pollution, overfishing, and climate change on marine ecosystems. By empowering participants with knowledge, the event sought to inspire long-term commitment to ocean conservation.


Beach clean-ups are a way for Canary Green to:
• Help to make a change and clean natural areas
• Educate people about the necessity to act and help
• Meet other organizations and work together to be even more efficient

A Testament to Collective Impact

The beach clean-up event exemplified the remarkable power of collective action and the profound influence that ordinary individuals can have on effecting positive change. Through their unwavering dedication, MYND Hotels, Ocean Born Foundation who put all their efforts to help us organize this event, but also Tenerife Horse Rescue, Ecoimplicados and Paradise Divers, and all the individuals who came and helped have left an indelible mark on the protection and restoration of our ocean’s health, emphasizing that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the greater cause.

Thanks to Ocean beer and angelote art center

In addition, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Ocean Beer, a brand that is making waves in the conservation movement. They have shown their unwavering commitment to preserving our oceans by implementing sustainable practices in their brewing process and actively supporting marine conservation initiatives. We were honored to have them as part of our beach clean-up event, where they generously offered free beers to volunteers, further emphasizing their dedication to the cause.

We would also like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Angelote Art Center for their generous contribution. They graciously provided us with one of their incredible pieces of art, which was offered as a prize to one lucky participant. Congratulations to Benjamin Paul, our deserving winner, and thank you for capturing such amazing photos throughout the event. Your artistic talent has truly helped us showcase our collective efforts in preserving our oceans.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Adeje Verde, our invaluable sponsor, for their unwavering support throughout this event!

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Thank you to everyone involved in this beach clean-up and in this Canary Green journey!

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