Casa Del Drago – a foodies heaven in Icod de los Vinos

Casa del Drago

High up in the hills of Icod de los Vinos, the infinite canvas of the sky is met by the roaring greenery that tiptoes its way up to the summit of the island. Delicately poised and unassuming, Tenerife’s north side is arguably the gem in the island’s crown.
This emerald haven boasts the road to rapture. There is something instantly tranquil about being in the presence of such staggering scenery, surrounded by blissful serenity and the serene choir of birdsong.
It’s the perfect place to exhale the compression of life, give in to relaxation, practise the wealth of wellbeing, and enjoy some great food…

zen below the dragon tree

A luscious pop of colour amidst the craggy backdrop, Casa Del Drago is a truly beautiful restaurant with an interesting story to tell. Fringed by a magnificent Dragon Tree – the oldest in the world in fact, at a staggering 800 years old – Casa Del Drago basks in the ambiance of sublimely panoramic nature. A tantalising tangle of greenery hangs overhead in the courtyard, infused by vibrant flora. When it comes to décor, no detail has been missed in Casa Del Drago’s quest for total Zen. The chic blend of wooden furnishings, scatter cushions and sprawling seating options create a real sense of rustic charm, and what’s more – the décor is made from recycled materials!

sensational dishes on Casa Del Drago’s menu

The sensational dishes on Casa Del Drago’s menu are rich in flavour and made up of locally sourced produce. It’s the kind of nutritious food that both nourishes and inspires with every mouthful. Each portion is put together with love and the promise of wholesomeness, laid out on the serving platters in the form of fine art. Choose from tapas, deliciously fresh salads, juices bursting with zest, impeccably soft breads with oils, quirky homemade popsicles made from seasonal Canary Island fruits, and local sweet delicacies such as pastries and donuts. Magnificent cheese boards are a renowned Casa Del Drago speciality. A number of the Canary Island sourced cheeses available have even been awarded international prizes and rightful recognition!
Casa Del Drago’s menu also extensively caters for vegan and vegetarian diets.

In short

At Casa del Drago you can:
• Savour amazing dishes (we tried the vegan menu) prepared carefully from local produce
• Dine under the world's oldest dragon tree - truly magical
• Botanize among local crafts and products
• Enjoy the Parque del Drago just next to the Casa
• Book your sustainable event here
• Support a family business in their vision of sustainable and responsible tourism

local canarian crafts

“Knowing where what you buy and consume comes from.”  is Casa del Drago’s clearly come true vision. They even have a shop onsite for those who simply have to take some of Casa Del Drago’s splendour home with them.
Offering Canarian inspired crafts and a whole treasure trove of foodie delights, this is the ideal stop to stock up on ethical souvenirs… Or simply treat yourself! Shopping at Casa Del Drago is additionally another way to support the local community, with many of the products native to the area. Wine lovers will be in their element with the tantalising array of bottles bursting with the flavours of the Canaries, and why not capture a slice of paradise in the form of a jar of local honey, or a delectably ripe selection of locally picked fruits?

"We really want a responsible company with our wonderful environment and reach an audience that values ​​the experience of the moment, of things and spaces made with love, sustainably and differently."

family owned supporting responsible tourism

We have now established that Casa Del Drago looks the part and undeniably serves up some of the most incredible food on the island, but what else makes it unique? Well, the goodness doesn’t end there.

Owner Ines and his team strive to reduce their water waste and limit their usage of plastic materials. Large quantities of materials are up-cycled and turned into the stunning decorations that make up the restaurants interior accessories.
Ines is an avid supporter of responsible tourism; tourism that encourages a respectful bond between local communities and tourists. Sourcing and stocking local produce ensures momentum within the surrounding communities. It gives back to the area, preserving it, and boots all important trade, while educating visitors on the importance of culture and sustainability.

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