Celebrating Global Wind Day: Exploring ITER’s Wind Farms

ITER's Impressive Wind Farms

In honor of Global Wind Day, our Canary Green Team recently embarked on an exciting visit to the Wind Farms of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER). Led by Irene García Fernández and Demetrio Dumitriu Barreto, we had the privilege of gaining insights into the inner workings of wind turbines. Located in the Industrial Farm of Granadilla, these wind farms have become a significant contributor to Tenerife’s renewable energy production.

At present, ITER boasts three distinct wind farms. The Experimental Platform is joined by a 4.8 MW farm and a 5.5 MW farm, together producing an impressive annual energy output of 36,764 MWh. The significance of this achievement becomes evident when considering the alternative energy sources that would be required to generate a similar amount of power.

Positive Environmental Impact

The utilization of wind power at ITER is truly commendable, as it eliminates the need to consume approximately 3,169.1 tons of fuel that a conventional power plant would require. By doing so, the wind farms contribute to reducing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Annually, ITER’s wind farms prevent the release of 29,411 tons of CO2, 198.5 tons of SO2, 73.5 tons of NOx, and 4.4 tons of CO, which is a remarkable accomplishment for a cleaner and greener future.

A noteworthy aspect of ITER’s Wind Farms is their careful placement within the Industrial Farm of Granadilla while adhering to the boundaries of the Montaña Pelada Natural Farm. This approach ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and is a testament to ITER‘s commitment to sustainable development. In compliance with legal regulations, the wind farms are situated several kilometers away from the nearest population center, guaranteeing compliance with the mandated minimum distance required to mitigate noise generation.

The energy generated by ITER’s Wind Farms is not wasted but rather contributes to the local electric grid. Through a partnership with UNELCO, the electricity is distributed throughout the island, powering homes, businesses, and public infrastructure. This collaboration showcases the potential for renewable energy to play a significant role in meeting energy demands while reducing reliance on conventional power sources.

Our visit to ITER’s Wind Farms was an eye-opening experience, showcasing the immense potential of renewable energy sources, specifically wind power. We witnessed firsthand how these technologically advanced turbines generate clean electricity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing environmental impact. ITER‘s commitment to sustainability, respect for the surrounding environment, and collaboration with UNELCO highlight the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources for a greener future. By continuing to embrace and expand initiatives like these, we can foster a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape, one where wind power plays a crucial role in our global energy transition.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Adeje Verde, our invaluable sponsor, for their unwavering support!

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