Cris was born and raised in Tenerife and preserving the environment and beauty of his island is of absolute importance to him. As our local member, is a  very enthusiast person that brings new positive energies to our team and new ways to achieve our goals in the Island. 

After a long journey travelling around Europe, he decided to return to his home and put all his effort in making this island a better and more sustainable place to live or visit to anyone. He enjoys hiking in the mountains or walking on the beaches of Tenerife, which is why he fights against the degradation of natural areas, notably by participating in numerous beach clean-ups.

Cris is  also collaborating with a project of solar panel to support change from the old electricity model to a more sustainable one for the community of Tenerife. He believes that we must do all we can to make the Canary Islands more sustainable and by joining Canary Green he is taking a big step in this direction.