When it comes to Elīna’s professional journey, it is as multifaceted as her personality. With a master’s degree in urban planning, Elīna has always been drawn to story-telling in sustainability. Elīna has been freelancing as a copywriter while working as energy efficiency and sustainability expert and project manager within various research & innovation projects across the EU. 

She delivers professional content and copywriting services focused on topics she truly cares about –  climate, energy, sustainable urban development, smart and liveable cities, as well as associated policy and industry news.

To clear her head after a busy day, she enjoys a good run, going on hikes, surfing, and playing with her dog.

Elīna always finds herself connecting with inspiring people across the globe. Missions dear to her heart have led her to donate her time for fulfilling projects. She is a part of a global network of young changemakers called Global Shapers Community where she leads a mental health awareness project FULL in Latvia. She also volunteers as a camp counselor for a non-profit organization in the United States called Experience Camps, organizing free-of-charge grief camps for children who have lost a close family member.

 All this is to say, Elīna is an ambitious creative mind  eager to help genuine, mission-driven, sustainably conscious organizations shape their sustainable future and  tell their story. From consulting and project management to research papers, copywriting, blogs and web content – Elīna always delivers authentic work built on professionalism and genuine care.

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