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Empowering Youth Workers in the Digital Age: Erasmus+ Training Course by Canary Green

In our little village of Callao Salvaje, Tenerife, a diverse group of 28 young professionals from across Europe came together for a transformative experience. Two weeks ago, Canary Green hosted the Erasmus+ Training Course titled “Embrace the Change: Storytelling in the Digital Age” to equip youth workers and young entrepreneurs with effective social media strategies for their youth work NGOs. In the context of Erasmus+, a training course serves as a platform for youth workers and leaders to enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes on specific themes. It encourages initiative and creativity among participants, preparing them to organize high-quality projects and provide enriching non-formal learning experiences for young people.

Organized by Canary Green, with special mention to Dorotea Lezaić, who conceptualized the project during her time with the organization, this workshop unfolded over several days. Participants were comfortably accommodated at The BLUESEA Callao Garden, while the training sessions took place at the Hotel Tropical Park. The aim was to foster sustainable innovation, collaboration, and digital storytelling techniques among young entrepreneurs and interns involved in NGOs focused on youth work.

The diversity of the participants’ backgrounds and experiences added a rich layer of perspectives to the course. Representing Croatia, North Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Germany, the group consisted of individuals between the ages of 20 and 50. Their common thread was a commitment to youth work and a desire to harness the power of digital storytelling for their respective organizations.

Two distinguished experts in the field, Branimir Suk and Mirko Logožar, both hailing from Croatia, led the training sessions. With their guidance, the participants delved into the digital world, learning how to create engaging content and analyze their NGOs’ online presence. The practical knowledge and skills acquired during the course were aimed at effectively using social media platforms to reach and engage their target audiences while increasing the visibility of their organizations.

During the two intercultural nights, participants engaged in a variety of activities, including games, dances, videos, quizzes, and sharing typical food and drinks from their home countries. These activities not only fostered a sense of unity but also allowed for the celebration of cultural diversity. By avoiding the use of paper materials and using a separation system for the trash as well as reusable cups for everyone, Canary Green made sure to keep the training environmental friendly.

The core objective of the project, “Embrace the Change: Storytelling in the Digital Age,” was to equip youth workers with the tools necessary to enhance their organizations’ social media presence and engage effectively with young people. The training participants devised concrete strategies to improve their organizations’ social media communication and received ongoing support from the trainers to implement these plans in their respective NGOs.

The main outcomes of this training course were substantial:

  1. Practical Knowledge and Skills: Participants gained practical knowledge and skills for effectively utilizing digital content to reach and engage their target audience while increasing the visibility of their organizations.
  2. Digital Content Creation: The course improved participants’ abilities to create engaging digital content that resonates with their audience.
  3. Online Presence Analysis: Youth workers learned to analyze the digital presence of their NGOs, identifying areas for improvement and enhanced impact.
  4. Strategic Planning: The participants developed concrete strategies to elevate the social media communication of their organizations.

As we reflect on this experience, we want to say thank you to all our partners who made this training course possible and effective. Together, we have taken significant steps toward empowering youth workers and NGOs in the digital age, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for young people across Europe.

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  1. I never did anything like an Erasmus+ Training Course before, but it was such an enriching experience. Learning from two great trainers and working with people from all different backgrounds with different knowledge was truly inspiring!

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