Fanni is very grateful to Canary Green for giving her the fantastic opportunity to develop her knowledge in the field of sustainable tourism and to be part of something significant and important, thereby setting an example for a greener future.

She started working in the hospitality industry in England at a young age, where she gained a lot of experience and friends from all over the world and got to know herself better. Fanni won two scholarships in Germany at an environmental research centre where she learned the basics of limnological research and helped with technical support and data analysis.

She visited Tenerife for the first time in 2022, where she discovered a magical place with special flora and fauna, wonderful people and exciting activities! After this amazing exploration, she decided to live on the island and contribute to its development and sustainable tourism. Fanni is a team player and enjoys working with like-minded people to achieve great results.

Canary Green is a perfect opportunity to gain professional experience and she can’t wait for the
substantial contribution and help in all the tasks she will be involved in.