Feli is a student in Sustainable Destination Development in Sweden and an absolute nature lover and rock-climbing freak. She grew up in the south of Tenerife and loves smelling the salt of the ocean, listening to the “guanyaguanya” of the shearwaters by night and just getting immersed by the beauty of nature.

Having a father as a chef in the family-owned restaurant made her fall in love with, of course, good food and the art of inspiring people.

Her passion for tourism and sustainability started with a very young age.

Feli wants to promote a form of travelling that preserves the unique landscapes of the Canaries and contributes to a better cultural interplay between locals and tourists. She wants to demonstrate that tourism is more than just earning money.

As she says, “tourism gives us the possibility to share culture, languages, traditional and innovative knowledge, new perspectives and inspire people to change to the better”. That’s why she joined the Canary Green Team as an intern!

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