Flor y Amor - natural cosmetics products made in Tenerife

Flor y Amor – “plant-tastic” cosmetics made in Tenerife

Products that are As sustainable as possible

Founded in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Flor y Amor, Tenerife based skin care and cosmetics company are pushing hard to make skin care and soon to be launched haircare, as sustainable as possible. Hand made here on the island, advocating the power of plants, this brother and sister team, Charles and Kathryn Atkins, are pushing into the world of hospitality.


Having grown up in hospitality and understanding its requirements and constantly adapting customer´s needs, they are now launching, through crowdfunding, a solid amenities line. This will include: soap, 2 in 1 shampoo, conditioner bar and a lotion bar. So the Canary Island Hotels can really push through sustainable practices. Over 5.5 billion mini plastic bottles are thrown away by the top 300 hotel groups every year. Lets help make that figure less and therefore help reduce landfill waste.The only packaging required for these Flor y Amor Bars is a recyclable card band, featuring your logo if you go for that option.

Promoting products with sustainable heart

Not only are they launching for hospitality businesses, but they have major discounts on their current cosmetics through their crowdfunding page, so if you have a Spa, Hairdressers, Herbolario/Parafarmacia or even a Hotel shop, do help support their campaign. Let’s bring sustainability to the forefront the Canaries and let´s do it by helping local businesses first. When on average 95% of hotel rubbish goes straight into the bin (land fill) what do you have to lose? Bear in mind you have everything to gain! 53% of global travellers are willing to pay more for products that demonstrate environmental responsibility13% more than last year.
Did we mention, they will also recycle partially used soap bars and send them to third world countries to help combat the 1.6 million deaths caused by poor sanitation and hygiene?

In short

Flor y Amor offers:

• Plant based, vegan cosmetics products -body oils, face oils & soaps

• Care about sustainability in Canary Islands

•Hygiene support for third world countries

Support flor y amor´s sustainable campaign

We at Canary Green are delighted to have found a company so committed to sustainability in all they do. Even their ingredient sourcing is ensuring that everything is used to its highest potential by using discarded seed cake from the food industry to make flax seed extract and pomegranate pips from the juice industry to make pomegranate oil. If you want to support sustainability, support their campaign. Buy their cosmetics. They are already doing what so many businesses aspire to!

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