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Hacienda Cristoforo – Retreat Centre and Eco Therapy in Tenerife

Cristoforo - more than a yoga retreat centre in tenerife

Hidden amongst the dusty, rolling hillside of Playa Paraiso Tenerife, sits the green tropical oasis of Hacienda Cristoforo. Bursting with colour and life, Hacienda Cristoforo is a Tenerife retreat space offering peace and relaxation for those who want to experience slow living in Tenerife south.

Rural Tourism in Tenerife

This idyllic slice of land was discovered 1972, almost a decade ago by Denis Devaris, 91, the father and soul of Hacienda Cristoforo. A Greek born architect, Denis is inspired by Rudolf Steiner and is dedicated to using his talents to shape his vision of creating a centre of natural wellbeing in Tenerife. Over the last four decades, Denis has spent time wrestling with the dry, arid landscape to form a chic and luscious wellness hotspot that lends itself perfectly to yoga retreats. Today, Hacienda Cristoforo is a family run initiative and the openness, kindness and philosophy felt by the Devaris’ creates a feeling of home for whoever spends time at the hacienda.

Sustainable Tourism with a Heart

The Canary Green team were lucky enough to escape the daily grind and enjoy a weekend of wellness at Hacienda Cristoforo. True to their eco-retreat reputation, Hacienda Cristoforo are dedicated to their green credentials and the whole operation is strictly monitored by Denis himself. From natural cleaning products, a bountiful organic kitchen garden to delicious vegan/vegetarian food, there is no detail that hasn’t been carefully thought out. We were so happy to not spot a single plastic item. Only natural material are used ensuring natures’ integrity in this breath-taking intertwinement of construction, nature and people. This is eco-therapy and wellness architecture at its core.

In short

At Cristoforo you can:
• Book a holiday stay
• Organise or attend a Yoga or Business Retreat
• Join a yoga or other classes
• Book a massage or other body work

Luxury Wellness in Tenerife South

Guests are invited to stay in various cottages that are discreetly dotted around the estate which exist in perfect harmony with the lovingly tended gardens. This is low-key luxury, focussing on sustainable alternatives to traditional tourist offerings without losing sight of comfort and style. Each cottage is unique and decorated to reflect the personality of the space, featuring local art or breath-taking views of the island. The whole estate is connected by small winding pathways that lead you from one pocket of peacefulness to the next and the symbiosis between the buildings and the flora and fauna provides a magical experience where one feels in balance with nature.

Enjoy Slow Living in Paradise

In addition to being unashamedly instagrammable, Hacienda Cristoforo offers two large yoga studios where classes are led by a selection of teachers like Concepto Yoga that made our Green Team sweat, all invited by recommendation only. The natural wooden architecture combined with the rich natural light creates a truly idyllic setting for practice. Soothe yoga stretched muscles with a massage in one of their therapy rooms before visiting the vast dining hall where delicious vegan food is cooked up by local chefs hired for the retreats. Of course, if you are just visiting as a small group, enjoy the intimacy of dining inside the cottages, all of which are equipped with a fully functioning kitchen.

Our Highlights of Hacienda Cristoforo

The Canary Green team loved spending time at this magical, sustainable and inspiring place. It is a real hidden gem that made us all feel the power of nature, how grounding it is and the importance of protecting our environment. While there were endless aspects of the experience that we loved, our highlights include:

  • The instant calm when entering through the big wooden gate
  • Soaking up the restorative sunlight during the incredible sunsets
  • Making friends with the goats, sheep, turtles and other wildlife 
  • Perfecting our dive in the refreshing swimming pool
  • Connecting with nature and ourselves
  • Admiring the hidden and perfectly integrated soul soothing architecture
  • Listening to the inspiring stories of Denis and his family

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9 thoughts on “Hacienda Cristoforo – Retreat Centre and Eco Therapy in Tenerife”

  1. WOW! Cristoforo is such an amazing place! Anyone who needs to get away from 2020 has to come here and all stress, worries and anxiety will be gone…. There is just such calm when walking around the twined pathways, hearing the birds sing (I have never heard so many birds on Tenerife!), butterflies fly all around and it is just green and so quiet, so calm but rejuvenating! And such beautiful buildings hidden away in the greenery… The yoga halls?? OMG everything is just so beautiful and makes you feel so grounded. It’s truly one of the most stunning places on Tenerife!
    Bonus: I didn’t see an single plastic thing anywhere!!

  2. Such an amazing experience to stay over at this wonderful location where I regularly spend time to work! Every time I walk through that big wooden entrance gate, I can’t help but feel calm and in peace. It’s most definitely worth the visit!

  3. This is by far one of the most unique and beautiful places on the island! The philosophy behind it and the execution of the vision are truly amazing and instantly made me feel at home! This is how tourism should look like and where people who want to open any hotel/guesthouse etc should come to take an inspiration from! Love every minute of my stay there!

  4. An amazing experience at Hacienda Cristoforo. Unique place with unique founder and family, that operates there.
    Never would have tought, that such magical place exists in Tenerife. Will go back there for sure!

  5. I was fortuned to spend some time with the team at this magical retreat bubble “Hacienda Cristóforo”. It is so harmoniously embedded into nature, with stunning sustainable architecture and the Devaris family made us all feel so welcome. An amazing place to check out for retreats, yoga & other workshops in the South of Tenerife to fuel your well being. Thank you 🙏💫

  6. Hi! I will be arriving to Tenerife on Saturday 8th January and wanted to check if you have availability for me to stay in your place. I’m a personal trainer (pilates, postural, mobility, handstands and bodyweight exercises) and psychologist and I would like to offer in exchange the opportunity to create and attend workshops for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

    Filippo Garofalo

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