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At Marina Suites Hotel, the desire is to achieve to become as sustainable as possible, now and in the future. To play a key role in taking every opportunity to guide our guests to make sustainable choices and have unforgettable holidays and also our incredible staff, each day is guided to take appropriate actions to deliver sustainability at its best.

Mindfulness, respect of others and the environment is the greatest reward we can give to our planet. For this reason, in recent years we have initiated various procedures to deal with: energy consumption, recycling, sourcing local products, finding reuses for materials etc. In addition to many more projects that maximize the potential for our hotel to become the best sustainable accommodation matching the highest aspirations of our guests now and for the future generations. 

Marina Suites is a part of a major sustainability program from the Canarian company called SATOCAN, which has created a variety of projects and actions to promote more sustainable choices. As a proof and recognition of our actions towards sustainability we’ve been awarded –  ‘The Travelife Gold Certificate’ this year.  This means that officially Marina Suites has been recognised for the improvements made in treating and improving environmental, economic and social impacts it has on the planet. A further similar acknowledgement of sustainability acts will hopefully come with the Biosphere Certificate later in the year.

We are very proud to outline below cases from projects and practices, which are in progress:

Energy consumption

Regular checks are made on our e.c. to ascertain our ecological footprint and to formulate a plan for its reduction. Such as: heat recovery system by reusing heat from air conditioning in pools, also installing individually controlled thermostats in sailors’ rooms as well as LED lighting in all the buildings equipped with twilight sensors.

Green areas and the Atlantic Ocean

We are responsible for many green areas and naturally the sea ranks the highest priority of all MGC concerns. Working in cooperation with Oceans4Life and helping to organize a major clean up on Puerto Rico beach, that took place last may. 

We aim to achieve the minimum amount of plastic waste through various measures like: hotel staff having refillable bottles, replacing plastic with glass bottles and using biodegradable single-use containers. Certainly we are always endeavoring to discover alternative means of restricting plastic use.

Eco Label Products

We offer organic cosmetics in our hotel in association with ADA Cosmetics promoting sustainable action and fair trade practice as in our own use of eco label cleaning products.


We prioritize recycling, which has to be a prime habit of our everyday behavior in order to be effective to achieve the highest level of sustainability.

Km 0

Over half of the products consumed in the Atlantic Pool Bar are of the origin of  Canary Islands therefore we are  improving the health and economic situation of the local population.

Art and Culture

Here at Marina Suites we appreciate that local culture is important and is enhancing the area culturally and economically while strengthening links across the islands. The local artisans, music scene, craft fayres, various events and projects are presented annually at the hotels in aid of local art and culture. In August an amazing event was organized to celebrate the local art and fashion, which hugely benefited local commerce.

0 Paper

It is our mission to achieve 0 paper consumption in order to achieve a high level of sustainability. By cutting out the chain of paper production that involves: cutting and wasting trees, process time in factories and suppliers we are seeking digital ways as an essential alternative.  At the hotel we seek digital devices and solutions to communicate with our guests at every stage of their stay, before, during and after to minimize the use of the paper. 

Giving fabrics a second life

As in any hotel the high use of fabrics is expected. This had led to a need of finding out the sustainable way of reusing them and giving them their second life. Fabrics used daily in Marina Suites and Marina Bayview are totally natural, environmentally friendly and minimize the ecological footprint. Staff are well informed on reuse issues through regular staff training sessions for example how to reuse bed linen and towels when possible.

The Canary Islands represent a holiday destination full of individual charm and character, enchanting locations and a standard of service hard to match. There are outstanding resorts spread across the archipelago that will fulfill your requirements and expectations.  

The tourism industry is very important for the local economy when it comes to creating employment and it is not easy to select specific actions which make us proud. It is the entire project that leads to a greater sustainable option able to preserve paradise on earth and the biosphere in which we live. Every single initiative plays a vital role in helping us to achieve our mission.

Our guests, mainly from Northern Europe are already aware of sustainable choices and their valuable insights and experience brings a great significance for the tourism sector. Learning  and equally motivating others to share our mission raises an awareness for a  critical urgence in climate change.

Time in the Canary Islands makes you feel privileged to live life to the full by bringing immense pleasure and satisfaction. It’s not difficult to see why it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. An ideal climate, widely varied culture, stunning landscape and a spectacular coastline are a very few of its valuable assets to be discovered. This exceptional environment – picturesque and delicate is an ideal place to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. 

A big thank you to Jorge Martin and Nadine Weber for their hospitality and all the actions put in place to make their hotels more sustainable.

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Thank you to everyone involved in this Canary Green project where our aim is to help promote sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands.

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