#ILoveCanarias – A Positive Message to the World Post COVID-19


The Canary Islands are blessed with kilometers of untouched coastlines, luscious green forests and imposing volcanoes. Each island is bursting with character and personality which draws in crowds of holidaymakers each year looking for a taste of island life.


Recent global events have made us all stop and reassess the fragility of mankind and nature. Life, however small, is something to be celebrated and cherished. There is an abundance of life in the Canary Islands giving the archipelago an electric charm that draws people back year upon year. We want to see our islands thrive and flourish and to do this we need to show them some love. 


This simple hashtag has the power to regenerate life on the islands by spreading a positive message of hope. The Canary Islands, in all their natural splendour are ready to open their doors and share their beauty with tourists once again. 

Those who return will be able to walk along the sun-dappled streets, feeling the fresh salty sea breeze caress their skin, as they listen to the distant sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Favourite restaurants and coffee shops can be revisited and hotel lobbies will soon be filled with the distinct chatter of tourists eager to begin their holidays. 

The aim of #ILoveCanaries is to spread the love felt for the Canary Islands and to show people that we are waiting, open armed and ready to welcome them back. It is a message of positivity, hope and reassurance. The hashtag will be used across social media accompanied by a photo showing an iconic natural landscape or an island experience such as a beautiful barraquito coffee or a lovely hotel room, boat trip or restaurant meal.  Each photo will feature a heart being made from two hands placed together. The hashtag and the heart made from hands are the key elements driving this campaign forward across social media platforms. 

The hashtag welcomes the participation of anyone in love with the Canary Islands. However, the focus is on tourists who are interested in the environment and sustainability. 

Life will return to our beloved islands, but this time a new set of principles will be in place. Respect for nature will be on top of the agenda followed by an increased demand for sustainable tourism and leisure options. 

Get Involved: 

We welcome you to get involved in spreading the love for our islands. Simply share a photo of the view from your business, a landmark from your town or an iconic shot of your island along with the heart symbol and hashtag. 

If you want to take the campaign and run it on a local level, feel free to break it down and invent a new hashtag using the name of your island, municipality or town instead. #ILoveTenerife or #ILovePalmMar for example could be used alongside the main hashtag, #ILoveCanaries in order to show some local love. 

Spread The Message: 

If you are interested in launching your own campaign, we are collaborating with a selected group of media partners who will be able to spread your message to a wider audience. These are verified media sources with a genuine audience of holiday makers and foreign residents. 

If you would like the campaign designed and managed on your behalf, please feel free to reach out to the Canary Green team. Our experts have years of experience in campaign management and marketing and share a deep unfaltering adoration for the Canary Islands.

Let’s bring life back to the Canaries by spreading love! 


Need help with your campaign? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Canary Green team directly. 

Strategy- John 

Graphic Design – Patrick

Copywriting – Grace

Photography – Sophia

Video – Dario