Gran Canaria
abundant, authentic, astonishing

Gran Canria is island so diverse that one can only try and discover its thousands of sides. In many ways, Gran Canaria is like we are. It has a wandering mind and is always hungry for more. It is captivated by culture, yearns for new experiences, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who dares to venture off the beaten track.

Check out our digital magazine GreenScape below with Gran Canaria in focus. This issue will take you on a journey through Gran Canaria, offering you insights for how to be a more conscious traveler on the Canary Islands, choosing sustainable accommodation, eco-friendly restaurants, and meaningful leisure activities.

With our work we aim to inspire a shift in perception of how we travel, highlighting the importance and benefits of slow tourism through the example of Gran Canaria. We encourage everyone visiting the islands to give back what they receive.


Travel teaches us the greatest lessons in life – when done right, we return home with understanding, compassion, and gratitude for local people and their center of life. As travelers, we get a golden ticket to absorb the essence of a place with its unique culture, language, and traditions.

We hope once you reach the last page of this magazine, you will make a conscious decision how to utilize this golden ticket. I hope you use it to dive headfirst into real Canarian hospitality, to conquer the peaks of dramatic volcanos – to feed your curiosity.

In an attempt to capture a sense of Gran Canaria’s breathtaking diversity, it is often called “The Miniature Continent”. With ancient cities, untouched beaches, exotic desert dunes, gigantic cliffs, black volcanic cones, and mystical forests – it indeed does live up to its reputation.

Every day spent on the eternal island is memorable and different – nothing is easier than getting lost in the dramatic variations of terrain ranging from the green and leafy north to the lush mountainous interior and the desert south.

Gran Canaria

For centuries, travelers have been intrigued by the strange melting pot of aromas and colors. Today, in the Canarian capital Las Palmas, a cosmopolitan mixture of cultures, traditions, and flavors is waiting for travelers who are willing to go beyond sea, sun, and sand activities.

Throughout its tumultuous history, modernity and heritage have coexisted harmoniously in Gran Canaria. The island redefines authenticity by pushing the boundaries of tradition and grounding modern-day progress in its roots.


Discover Gran Canaria's culture of sustainability

If you are a conscious traveler planning your next trip to Gran Canaria, these stays will make sure you leave a minimal impact, respect the local culture and nature, while having a relaxed, authentic vacation in the beautiful Canary Islands.

Redondo de Guayedra

Redondo de Guayedra is the humble figurehead of responsible and slow tourism. The eco-resort is a place where tranquillity meets individuality and sustainability is embraced at every corner. A unique concept, where history, innovation and sustainability form a spectacular backdrop for a holiday full of sensations. The attention to detail that is practised at Redondo the Guayedra will turn your leisurely adventure into an unforgettable and eye opening experience.

Bodega Los Berrazales

the favour of Gran Canaria at the palm of your hand

The strong musky scent of roasted coffee is a natural soul remedy for the gloomy feeling brought on by the thick clouds rolling through the hills of the Agaete valley. The rich green of Arabica Tipica coffee plants and vibrant red of the coffee cherries spread out to dry are a feast for your eyes & you soon all of your senses are going to heightened with this experience.

Panadería Tarei
an ecological bakery going against the grain

Tarei’s dedication, passion, and love ooze out of every corner and are passed on to the customers as soon as they are greeted by a warm “Buenos días”. The first ecological bakery in Gran Canaria opened its doors not long ago. 4 years ago, a group of dedicated and passionate individuals came together with a vision to lead sustainable change.


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