Lanzarote shifting to slow tourism and attracting responsible travelers

Lanzarote is trail-blazing sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands. They adopted an ambitious, holistic sustainability vision long before anyone else. 

Check out our digital magazine GreenScape below with Lanzarote island in focus. This issue will take you on a journey through Lanzarote, offering you insights for how to be a more conscious traveler on the Canary Islands, choosing sustainable accommodation, eco-friendly restaurants, and meaningful leisure activities.

With our work we aim to inspire a shift in perception of how we travel, highlighting the importance and benefits of slow tourism through the example of Lanzarote. We encourage everyone visiting the islands to give back what they receive.


What unites sustainable businesses in Lanzarote is their dedication to protect the spirit of the island. The spirit of the place is created and maintained by the local people – their local culture, language and traditions. As visitors, we are encouraged to immerse ourselves in the local way of life, respect it and enjoy it without causing harm.

The spirit of the place can only be uncovered by diving, head first, into the experiences on offer. From tasting the local gastronomic delicacies to witnessing the beauty of local nature and wildlife – we invite you to explore our insider tips so that you can get the best local experience.

In the 90’s, Lanzarote was the first of the Canary Islands to limit the expansive growth of tourism. Following the founding vision, Lanzarote keeps prioritizing quality tourists instead of mass tourism to prevent the negative.

Lanzarote is a pioneer in designing and offering experiences that leave a lasting impact on travellers while protecting the environment. Héctor Fernández Manchado, the CEO of Turismo Lanzarote, invited us to discover the history and success of Lanzarote tourism

More and more tourists are open to paying more for a vacation at a sustainable destination, where local businesses invest in sustainability.

Turismo Lanzarote is working on a project called The Lanzarote Premium – a strategy for sustainable Lanzarote hotels to attract quality tourists instead of mass tourists.


The Lanzarote Premium is not a strategy for luxury. Rather it is a strategy for maintaining Lanzarote as a luxurious, authentic destination in all its glory – nature, the people, gastronomy, art, architecture, and culture.
Héctor Fernández Manchado
CEO of Turismo Lanzarote

Discover sustainable flagship accommodations in Lanzarote

If you are a conscious traveler planning your next trip to Lanzarote, these stays will make sure you leave a minimal impact, respect the local culture and nature, while having a relaxed, authentic vacation in the beautiful Canary Islands.

Kamezi Villas 
Where The Luxury Meets Sustainability And Local Culture Prevails

Kamezi team is dedicated to offering their guests sustainable luxury through an authentic experience honouring the local culture, art, and people. We met with Eduardo José Marcos Lorda, director of Kamezi, and he explained that the founding idea of Kamezi was based on a simple principle – to leave this Earth better than we found it for the next generations. Lanzarote keeps prioritizing quality tourists instead of mass tourism to prevent the negative.

Finca de Arrieta 
A Charming, Self-sufficient Eco-village by Lanzarote Retreats

For the Braddock family, sustainability is embedded in their business as much as in their daily lives. They are constantly working on new ways to achieve even higher sustainability in their off-grid stay. Their eco-friendly village is powered by the largest green energy system on the island, and it keeps evolving!

La Isla y el Mar
The Most Sustainable, Technologically Advanced Hotel in Lanzarote

With an outstanding sustainability policy, innovative technological solutions and genuine care for the future of Lanzarote, La Isla y el Mar is the first hotel receiving “Biosphere-Smart” hotel certification awarded by the UNESCO Responsible Tourism Institute. The hotel follows the Biosphere Reserve declaration scheme, which pleads to support sustainable economic development along with conserving local ecosystems.


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