Finca La Calabacera

La Calabacera – The Taste of Tenerife

Settled beneath the foothills of the imposing El Teide volcano, Guia de Isora is home to Finca La Calabacera one of Tenerife’s most prestigious banana plantations. Stretching out over an impressive 231,000m2 the finca provides a green and tranquil oasis within the island’s arrid southern landscape. 

Tenerife is a paradise island, tempting visitors to its volcanic shores all year round with its luxurious climate and varied tropical landscape. For La Calabacera, the temperate climate combined with the gentle coastal breeze that travels from the southern coast makes for excellent growing conditions for their organic bananas. It is believed that the optimum conditions experienced here in the Canary islands is what gives the bananas grown in this region their characteristic sweet flavor. 

revolutionary farming at finca la calabacera

Organic farming and sustainable production processes form the core principles of the work carried out by the owner of the finca, Dulce. Not only does sustainable farming help protect the future of the finca, but also of the Canary Islands as the resources needed to farm are limited and need to be used in a conscious and conservative way. Too many years have been spent being careless with the natural resources gifted to us by the islands and now it is time to get back to basics and practice mindfulness. Reconnecting with the earth, the air and our natural surroundings will help us understand and appreciate even more the origin of our food. 

La Calabacera offers guided tours of the plantation where visitors can go on a discovery journey through nature to see for themselves the sustainable processes used to reconnect with nature. The tour walks visitors through the plantation starting at the time when the first banana plants arrived onto the island in the 15th century from Equatorial Guinea and travels through history’s highs and lows until reaching the organic revolution of today. A visit to the finca is a delight for the senses, inviting you to savour the sights, smells, sounds, feeling and taste of this Canarian staple. 

Not only does the finca share their sustainable values with the world via their tours, they also offer organic vegetable boxes. The boxes contain organic, locally grown produce that has been hand selected by La Calabacera and combined together based on what is seasonally available. This innovative and creative way to enjoy food is perfect for those who want to enjoy km0 produce but don’t have the space to grow their own food. Simply contact the finca and place your order and you will receive a box bursting full of seasonal, organically grown vegetables, ready to be enjoyed in the comfort of your kitchen.

La Calabacera is the largest organic and sustainable banana plantation in the Canary Islands, switching from standard intensive farming to organic farming back in 2006. This revolutionary change has converted them into eco farming trailblazers and allowed them to share their passion for sustainability with visitors from all across the globe. So, if you are planning to visit Tenerife or are in search of ‘off the beaten track’ activities to get involved with, then La Calabacera offers a relaxing and informative experience to be enjoyed by the entire family, young and old. Savour the taste of Tenerife at La Calabacera.

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