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Meat Free Mondays on tenerife

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Over the last 11 years, Meat Free Monday has become a common topic of conversation across the UK and in various European cities. Originally started by Sir Paul McCartney along with Mary and Stella, this non profit organisation is designed to raise awareness of the detrimental effect animal agriculture and industrial fishing has on the environment. 

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What Are Meat Free Mondays?

The idea behind Meat Free Mondays has been to slow the process of climate change and preserve the environment by eating one meat free meal a week. This movement has now grown on a global scale encouraging people of all ages to change their eating habits for the best. Even selected schools and universities across the UK have chosen to adopt the practice of going meat free on Monday in a bid to protect the beautiful world around us. 

Insider Tip

Find a local farm and order their in season veggie boxes. Finca La Calabacera is one in the south of Tenerife .

Why Should We Implement Meat Free Mondays?

Studies from Oxford University have also shown the significant effect eating meat has on our health and that a reduction in the consumption of meat to 3 times a week can prevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease, 9,000 deaths from cancer and 5,000 deaths from stroke each year. These staggering figures are enough to turn stomachs and something as simple as reducing our intake of meat can have such a positive effect on not just our personal health but also the health of our planet. Here some environmental effects: 



- LAND -




- Wildlife -

Did you know?

Land required to feed 1 person for 1 year:
1/6th acre
Vegetarian: 3x as much as a vegan
Meat Eater: 18x as much as a vegan



How to Enjoy Meat Free Mondays

Going meat free on a Monday doesn’t have to be a crazy big lifestyle change. It is something as simple as replacing a grilled chicken breast with half a roasted aubergine or using beans and lentils to make a burger instead of minced meat. These tasty adaptations to our favourite meals are easier than you think and in the long run will not only have a positive effect on the environment but also your pocket. Eating meat is expensive, especially if you want to eat quality cuts of meat, so by opting out of a meat based diet at least for one day of the week will help you save pennies as well as stay healthy.

Meat Free Mondays at Canary Islands Green

At Canary Green we know that meal planning can be hard, especially if you are not used to cooking certain dishes or using new ingredients. However, as avid Meat Free Monday fans we are happy to provide endless inspiration for your Monday (or any other day) mealtimes. Each week, we publish our favourite Meat Free Monday meals in our Instagram with some cooking tips to enable people to feel inspired to help the environment in the most delicious way possible. So, get creative in the kitchen and share your best vegetarian dishes with us at #mycanarygreen #meatfreemondaytenerife or @CanaryIslandsGreen – we will repost our favourites on our feed. Happy cooking!!


  • We will soon provide you with a Tenerife Vegan Eating Guide so you can explore some amazing cuisine!
  • Source: all info was collected from Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret that you can watch on Netflix.
  • Read up more on Cowspiracy/facts where you find all studies, science articles
  • For quick overview, check out Cowspiracy’s Infographic!
  • Questions? Write to us anytime! We have a vegan chef and nutritionist on our team or shoot us a message on any of our social media platforms or contact us here.
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