Open Coffee Club Network – How You Can Benefit from It

Benefit from the open coffee club

Shall I let you in on a little secret? I used to hate networking events, yes, you read that right. Hated them. Just didn’t feel like talking to people I didn’t know at all. Some sort of imaginary boundary just appeared and I found it very difficult to cross it. My first job was an administrative role, then within the same company was changed to the marketing department and one day, a salesperson told me, I’d make a great sales rep. I’ve always been the type of person that likes a challenge so decided to go for it.

It was in those days I found myself ‘obliged’ to go out there and network. At events, not just networking events, just any event. As said, I used to hate it. And then all of a sudden, I started noticing the value of networking. Not just on a business level (as in direct revenue), but on a professional level. I grew professionally by networking. Got to meet so many interesting people of different sectors, and noticed not only how they made a difference in my career or even life, but also how I made a difference in theirs.

Almost two years ago, when my interest in sustainability became much more than just an interest (yes, I’m trying to avoid the word passion since I think it’s being used way too much nowadays), I realised that networking might be something to help with this cause. If I could get companies and professionals together talking about sustainability, offering their sustainable alternatives, then maybe, just maybe, I could make even more of a difference. So that is basically the reason why I relaunched the Open Coffee Club again in Tenerife.

My personal goal with this monthly meetup was, is and will be for it to become a true platform for companies to work together and reach a more sustainable way of doing things. Whether it’s an insurance company installing a water filter in their office, a restaurant finding an alternative for their single-use plastic options, or a real estate group buying sustainable merchandising. Every small change matters. Every habit or procedure changed, small as it might be, makes me believe that there’s a better future out there.

So far, I’ve organised two editions of the Open Coffee Club. The third one will be July 24th. It’s definitely a learning curve. So I happily take in suggestions from my fellow team members at Canary Green and from the professionals that attended to make each sustainable meetup a more efficient networking opportunity. But I do have to admit that so far, I’m pretty happy with the results of the first two.

When you hear one company will probably change their order of regular shirts to sustainable shirts, or when another company will buy stainless steel reusable bottles to promote avoiding plastic ones, then I guess you just know you’re on the right track. But I’m not satisfied yet. It’s a good thing I still quite like a challenge! I really would love for companies to feel the Open Coffee Club is the event in Tenerife to attend when it comes to sustainable change within your business!

To reach that goal, I need all the help I can get. Do you know a supplier of sustainable products, an entrepreneur or professional taking their first steps towards becoming a more sustainable business? Or an organisation within this sector? If so then please share the event with them, or tell me about them so I can reach out.

And last, but definitely not least, I couldn’t have done it without the huge support of the entire Canary Green crew, and Alessio and Kaidi from the Beer Trap at Golf del Sur for sponsoring the venue! So a special shoutout to them, for making this happen!!

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