Sustainable adventures on offer for your next vacation in Tenerife

Paragliding with AirSport Tenerife: catch a rush of adrenaline without harming the environment

When vacationing in the Canary Islands, one can be quite overwhelmed with all the attractions and activities on offer. The volcanic origin and subtropical climate have gifted the islands with a diverse and surprising landscape. From mountain ranges, volcanos, valleys, deserts, cliffs, craters, and forests, to crystal blue beaches, natural pools, and palm tree-lined coastal paths – the Canary Islands have it all!

In Tenerife, for example, you can go from sunbathing on the beach in the morning to hiking up to the snowy Teide volcano in the afternoon. Just the other day, as we were driving down from a hike around Teide, we could see the temperature rise from 7 degrees to 22 degrees in just 45 minutes!

Paragliding with AirSport Tenerife

In this blog post, we want to highlight tandem paragliding, something our team has been eager to do for a long time. Tandem paragliding with AirSport Tenerife is truly the best way to take in the beauty of Tenerife from a different perspective. Thanks to our partners AirSports Tenerife, we got a chance to catch a rush of adrenaline while appreciating Tenerife’s magnificent landscape from a birds-eye view.

A tandem paraglide is a safe and exciting activity that will enable you to soar over rugged mountain tops and subterranean barrancas, local villages nestled into the hills, as well as take in breath-taking coastlines that span the south of Tenerife. With Airsports Tenerife, you will be able to enjoy a forty-minute tandem paragliding experience that will feel, unlike anything you have ever felt before!

Paragliding is powered by naturally occurring wing forces and thus has hardly any negative impact on the environment. There is no motor, the flight is foot-launched, and landing is designed in such a way that does not disturb local habitats. Unlike other fast-paced leisure activities, paragliding also does not emit any noise or air pollution. With AirSports Tenerife you land on the soft sands of Playa la Enramada beach. If you’re lucky, you might catch sunset views and live music playing at the beach cafe nearby.

"Nothing beats the feeling of tranquillity when you’re up in the air. Time stands still for the duration of the flight. Flying meditation for the soul."
AirSports Tenerife pilot

By skillfully riding the invisible wind forces, the pilot may gain height, often climbing to altitudes of a few thousand metres. Our adventure took us to 1000 metres above sea level! Simon, the owner of AirSports Tenerife, explains:

“After many years of experience, a free flight pilot can read the invisible air flows in the same way as a surfer reads the ocean waves.” You take off from a point of elevation, but not to worry, you do not have to jump off a cliff to paraglide! Take-off is a smooth transition from walking to running, and, within a few seconds, you are already up in the air cruising through the skies!"
Owner of AirSports Tenerife

For most of the Canary Green team, it was the first experience up in the air. Some of our team members also managed to face their fear of heights and step out of their comfort zone! If you show confidence, the pilot might even let you try out the breaks for navigating the paraglider. Patricia, who recently joined our team, was in awe with the views:

"Flying over Tenerife’s green hills, black beaches, and blue ocean is a memory for the ages. Paragliding with Airsports Tenerife was an incredible experience, and I would not want to have missed it for the world.”
Patricia Horlacher
Canary Green Intern

On your journey to becoming a more responsible traveller, we encourage you to choose fun and thrilling activities that are also respectful towards the environment and appreciate the beauty of the Canary Islands. It is our shared responsibility to protect the beauty of the Canary Islands for generations to come. 

Find our more about paragliding with AirSports Tenerife at:

In case the freedom of the air still doesn’t appeal to you, consider other environmentally friendly activities in Tenerife:

  • Kayaking with Sea Kayak Tenerife: Rent a kayak and go on your own adventure or book a tour and see dolphins and whales. More info:
  • Whale and dolphin watching with WhaleWise Eco Tours: Whale Wise Eco Tours is the ultimate sustainable choice for whale watching. The tour guides engage tourists in learning about the diverse marine life in the Canary Islands. Their work contributed to the creation of Europe’s first ‘Whale Heritage Site’ in the waters of Tenerife and La Gomera. 
  • Diving and snorkelling with Pama diving in Playa San Juan: Explore the depths of the ocean and swim alongside incredible marine life.
  • E-biking with MYND hotel: Pick up the speed and explore the coastal pathways or mountain roads with the e-bikes. 
  • Stargazing with Teide by Night: The Teide National Park has been crowned a “Starlight Destination” recognising that it is one of the best places to stargaze away from light pollution. Discover the wonders of the night sky once darkness has fallen. More info:
  • Tree Climbing with Forest Park: Challenge yourself at the largest treetop adventure park in the Canary Islands. A unique experience of leaping off Tarzan Swings and flying down ziplines at the gates of Teide National Park. 
  • Hiking incredible trails of Tenerife National Parks: Anaga Rural Park,  El Teide National Park, Teno Rural Park, Corona Forestal Natural Park, Chinyero Volcano, Costa Acentejo Protected Landscape, Montaña Roja Special Natural Reserve and many more natural wonders offering magnificent views.

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