Our new team member Patricia enjoys all the finer things in life. She is a sunset chaser, culinary aficionada, and literature enthusiast passionate about languages. While living life on the sunny side, she studies Tourism and Leisure Management in Austria. Yet, you will usually find her exploring different places and living in foreign countries. The internship with Canary Green is her 6th Erasmus exchange –  one might say that Erasmus flows through her veins. Having spent her summers interning in different high-ranking hotels all over Europe, she discovered her passion for hospitality and tourism.

However, during her time abroad, she encountered the dangers of poor tourism management and overtourism firsthand. This experience sparked her immense interest in sustainable tourism and led her to write a thesis on “Responsible tourism in consideration of culture and nature”.

Today, she is passionate about all things sustainability and innovation. Therefore, she is beyond excited to be part of the Canary Green team and looks forward to working towards positive change for Tenerife’s environment and community. 

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