Reducing Plastic Waste – A Success Story: Mynd Hotel Adeje

Why do you think single-use plastic reduction is so important?

Single-use plastic reduction is crucial for the preservation of our environment and the reduction of plastic waste. By reducing single-use plastics, we can decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans, harm wildlife and damage ecosystems. As a sustainable hotel, we recognize the importance of reducing our plastic footprint.

How do you play your part in reducing plastic waste?

As a hotel committed to sustainability, we have implemented several measures to reduce plastic waste. For example, we have replaced single-use plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives, installed water dispensers throughout the hotel, and encouraged guests to reuse their towels and linens.

Did you face any challenges regarding single-use plastic reduction? How did you overcome them?

One of the main challenges we faced when reducing single-use plastics was finding alternatives that were both sustainable and affordable. To overcome this, we researched different suppliers and worked closely with our partners to find eco-friendly solutions that fit within our budget.

Can you give other businesses some simple tips on how to avoid single-use plastics more and more?

One simple tip for avoiding single-use plastics is to provide guests with reusable alternatives, such as refillable water bottles which also helps Foresta Foundation. It’s also important to work with suppliers who are committed to sustainable practices and to reduce packaging waste by ordering products in bulk, this is hard work at the moment. Finally, educating guests and staff on the importance of reducing single-use plastics is key to implementing long-term change.

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