Photo of the Canary Green team with Juan, founder of the Soap House

Reducing Plastic Waste – A success story: the soap house

Why do you think single-use plastic reduction is so important?

As artisans, we value sustainability and the preservation of our environment. Single-use plastics pose a significant threat to our planet, causing pollution, harming wildlife, and contributing to the depletion of natural resources. By reducing single-use plastics, we can protect ecosystems, promote a healthier planet, and ensure a better future for generations to come.



How do you play your part in reducing plastic waste?

In our workshop, we are committed to minimizing plastic waste in various ways:

– Packaging: We avoid single-use plastic packaging for our products. Instead, we use eco-friendly alternatives such as recyclable paper or reusable cloth bags.

– Material selection: We prioritize using natural and sustainable materials in our creations, avoiding plastics whenever possible.

– Education: We inform our customers about the importance of reducing plastic waste and provide them with alternatives to single-use plastics.



Did you face any challenges regarding single-use plastic reduction? How did you overcome them?

Reducing single-use plastic can present challenges, especially when it comes to sourcing materials or finding suitable alternatives. However, we tackle these challenges by:

– Research: We actively seek out sustainable materials and suppliers who share our commitment to reducing plastic waste.

– Innovation: We continuously explore creative ways to replace plastic components in our products, experimenting with eco-friendly alternatives that maintain the quality and aesthetics our customers expect.

– Collaboration: We partner with like-minded businesses and organizations to share knowledge, resources, and solutions to overcome challenges together.



Can you give other businesses some simple tips on how to avoid single-use plastics more and more?

Certainly! Here are a few tips for businesses looking to reduce single-use plastics:

– Assess your operations: Identify areas where single-use plastics are most prevalent and explore alternatives.

– Offer alternatives: Provide reusable or biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic products, such as utensils, packaging, or bags.

– Educate and engage: Inform your customers about the importance of reducing plastic waste and encourage their participation through initiatives like refill programs or discounts for using reusable containers.

– Collaborate: Partner with suppliers, organizations, or other businesses that prioritize sustainability to collectively work towards reducing plastic waste.


“Remember, every small step towards reducing single-use plastics can make a significant impact. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet”

The different soaps we can find in the Soap House
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