Seafuel’s refuelling station opens its doors

Seafuel’s refuelling station opens its doors

On the 31st of March, Canary Green witnessed one of the most pivotal events in sustainable energy history. The opening of the SEAFUEL refuelling station at ITER, Tenerife.

The future of green travel

This event is the result of a 5 year collaborative project with Interreg. It is such a milestone for all involved that it has been likened by industry insiders to the moon landing. The Canary Green team joined SEAFUEL and Solar2Chem for the grand unveiling of the green hydrogen refuelling station. The excitement was palpable as industry leaders and like minded individuals came together to celebrate the historic occasion. This technology has never been seen before here in Tenerife and uses seawater to create the hydrogen needed to power the Hyundai and Toyota cars. As well as being wildly innovative, green hydrogen boasts countless benefits for the planet.

Benefits of hydrogen cars

  • It is 100% renewable. Seawater is the principal component needed to power the car. It is filtered to extract hydrogen and oxygen using a process called electrolysis. And, finally the hydrogen is compressed to provide the green fuel for the cars.


  • Zero emissions. The only byproduct created during this process is water vapour- so much healthier than harmful gases. 

One step closer to a greener future

The Canary Green team were able to see first hand the incredible engineering and technology used to make this dream a reality. The SEAFUEL staff opened up the doors of the recharging station so that we could catch a glimpse at the mechanics plus provided us with a virtual tour of the entire process from seawater to fuel via QR-code technology. Andrea Endres also interviewed the project co-ordinator, Pau Ferrás to discuss the exciting future plans for SEAFUEL.


Most hydrogen power produced worldwide depends on fossil fuels for its production. SEAFUEL harnesses the power of locally produced solar and wind power to create a zero emission fuel from Atlantic Ocean seawater ready for use in transportation.

H2-Seafuel Days

This action packed celebration was part two of the planned H2-Seafuel days. The first day kicked off the celebrations with the “Hydrogen Islands- opportunities and challenges” event, held at the Cleopatra Hotel. Our founder, John Dale Beckley was invited to give a talk about Tenerife’s transition from fossil fuels to green energy solutions. He highlighted SEAFUEL’s innovative and daring project and spoke in detail about the benefits of the shift towards a low-carbon economy and the positive impact that it will have on sustainable tourism. It is safe to say the future’s looking bright and green!

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