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Discover the young and vibrant Sholeo Lodges at Los Gigantes, just in time to plan your next summer getaway. Located only a five minute walk from the striking black sand Playa de la Arena beach and with stunning views of Los Gigantes and of La Gomera, Sholeo Lodges is the place for you! So pack you bags and get read for a life in cholas.

Slow down, it's the Canarian way

Sholeo Lodge is a young hotel designed for young people, it has 143 rooms with solutions for every need. Comfy doubles for friends or couples, lofts and larger rooms especially designed for long stays, these are a little bigger and have microwave as well as some cookware so you can enjoy a warm meal. 

The layout of the hotel is a U-shape forum type with at the center a pool and sunbead area, directly overlooking the ocean offerring stunning views of La Gomera. We thorougly enjoyed relaxing poolside in the hammocks and taking a refreshing swim after a table-tennis match in the Feel Good Garden. There is also a gym, a coworking space and a very comfortable and open plan lobby/reception area, but more on that later.

Guests are given an option to reuse their towels instead of having fresh towels daily. It is predicted that this change alone will save 40-50,000 litres of water a year.

Sholeo Lodges' Sustainability Practices

Sholeo Lodges has various sustainability policies in place not only to reduce their own carbon footprint and to promote local values, but also to nudge their guests to be respectful of the environment even while being on holiday. bag)

Sholeo Lodge uses mostly localy sourced produce in their meal offerings, most staff lives in surrounding towns and therefore can get to work via sustainable transport options (Waling, bus, electric scooter). There are no single use plastics to be seen and all cleaning products are environmentally friendly and not harmful. There is a plan for solar panels in the near future and in terms of energy efficiency lights that don’t need to be on are turned off after dark, the AC automatically switches off when the terrace door or front door of the room is opened. There are two water fountains in the hotel so you never have to worry about buying water, and if you’ve forgotten your bottle you can buy a reusable one at reception (They also have t-shirts and flifp-flops as well as a tote bag). There are also some vending machines and these are fitted with recycling stations, one for plastic and tins and one for organic waste. There is also auttomatic check-in so that no matter what time you are arriving you can get checked in and start you holiday and you life in cholas as soon as you touch down.

What are the rooms like?

Sholeo Lodges has made sure that no details go unmissed. There are three different styles available. The first room type is a double room, perfect for two friends or a young couple, and this same option is available with a comfortable terrace and striking sea views. The final option is a novelty we were very happy to see and that is a loft type room that can host up to eight guests, a great a idea if you plan a holiday with your family or with a larger friend group. This room type also includes a kitchennete.

The room sizes vary from 21-40 sqm, they all include a private bathroom with soft lighting a wonderful water pressure. Air conditioning, 43″ TV (where you can find all the relevant information of the hotel such as opening hours of the pool, events and activities availble and more) with Chromecast and a roomy wardrobe. In order to cut down on their carbon footprint Sholeo rooms are cleaned once every 3 days and the linens and towels are changed once every week. laundry services are available for a fee. There are pet friendly rooms upon request. The rooms have a modern and minimal decor, the small table is very convenient if you have any pressing emails and the bedside lights provide the perfect wind-down ambiance.

What sort of meals can you expect at Sholeo?

All of Sholeo Lodges meal offerings happen in their Fast But Good restaurant and bar area, with a great view of the central pool here you can enjoy and buffet style breakfast and dinner and a light and refreshing a la carte lunch menu. There are vegan and vegetarian options available and as we mentioned the produce is in large part sourced from the nearby town of Alcalà. While the breakfast and dinner are buffet style, the amounts of food displaed are not enourmous therefore food waste is minimized and guests are uurged to take only what they know they will eat and are also encouraged to neatly stow their trays and dishes in the appropriate stations once they have completed their meals.

Some of our favorites

The recycling and water stations
Rooftop Pool
Energy efficiency practices
Co-working space
The feel good garden and sports area
Ocean Beer

Is there an eco-friendly bar?

Stylish Spaces open to All

Aside from the wonderful central pool Sholeo Lodges also has a rooftop pool with the most gorgeous views of La Gomera and the ocean, it is especially suggestive at sunset and is fitted with bean bags and a swing chair for maximum chilling and relaxed vibes. Sholeo Lodges also has a gym with modern equipment, a massage room, a coworking space if you want to enjoy a workation or if you have some pressing business, there is also a conference room. We also thoroughly enjoyed the Feel Good Garden, an outdoor area perfect for chilling out and for enjoying some light sports. There is a football net, basketball hoop, table tennis, a swing and calisthenics station. This space also doubles as an event space, with DJ evenings etc. (Check with reception what’s on while you are staying there). Also did we mention that at reception you can find a pool and fuseball table?

 All of these spaces are open to all guests, independent of your room type!

Activities and More

If your have had enough relaxing and are itching to explore a bit, don’t worry, Sholeo Lodges has got you covered. They offere various activities to help you expereince and enjoy all that Tenerife has to offer. From kayaking around Los Gigantes and guided winery tours to fuull day excursions around Teide, Masca and Dragonilla, Sholeo has the option for you. All information is available on their website, web app, reception and tv’s in the rooms.

Canary Green’s tips to enjoying sustainable tourism in Tenerife

Visiting Tenerife on holiday doesn’t give you free rein to leave your values and principles at home. We encourage travellers to seek out sustainable options and keep up with environmental practices while travelling. Our top tips for a relaxed and wholesome stay include: 

  • Consider green transport options. Are you able to take a ferry to the island instead of flying? While you are here is a car necessary? Investigate public transport links or choose green options such as electric cars, green-hydrogen cars or e-bikes.
  • Choose destinations that value sustainability and choose green alternatives such as solar power, recycling and energy-efficient architecture. This extends to places that value workers’ rights and the impact on the local community.
  • Bring your own water bottle with you and refill it instead of buying single-use plastic bottles.
  • Make use of the recycling when out and about and don’t just throw your rubbish in the nearest bin.
  • Take advantage of local knowledge and immerse yourself in the culture through campaigns such as #Ilovecanarias and #meatfreemondaycanarias
  • Most of all, have fun and enjoy your time in the Canary Islands.

If you are interested in booking a stay at Sholeo Lodges Los Gigantes and supporting sustainable tourism in Tenerife, visit their website here

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