Canary Green and Angelote Art

Sustainability meets Angelote Art

At Playa Paraiso’s Angelote Art studio artist Marie, together with her husband and their dog, invite you to rethink the way we use waist and how we can do good for the environment around us. Marie has been creating art for around two years without prior knowledge of creating the art she currently has obtained to create through thorough trial and error. Her journey as an artist began in the Galapagos, where she first realized the amount of plastic waste found in marine life during her free dive sessions. This concept sparked an idea to create art that reflects the urgency to rethink how we travel in paradise, and her artworks profoundly reflect this! When Marie moved with her husband to Tenerife, she felt the urge to set up Angelote Art and create soulful art pieces that combine the local plastic from the marine life. She works with local businesses that work around marine life and are contributing to sustainability by cleaning the ocean from plastic. These businesses bring the plastic to Angelote Art, and Marie recycles them into beautiful artworks that reflect marine life with a clear message.

Her works are a gentle and beautiful reminder to respect our environments and surroundings and be mindful of what and how we consume. Tenerife is a well-known hotspot for mass tourism, and with this comes the downside of polluted marine life. Currently, Canary Green is working with various organizations to hack this toxic cycle by organizing beach cleanups and creating awareness among tourists about the necessity to keep Canary Islands beaches and the ocean clean. We are delighted to announce that Angelote Art has partnered up with Canary Green and supports the beach cleanup initiatives with their beautiful art works as giveaways among the participants during the beach cleanups.

Agelote Art studio shop is open to the public 5 days a week and the rest two days Marie spends in the ocean diving. During her diving time she also collects the plastic she finds in the local marine and recycles it into beautiful art. She also takes footage of the marine life species and implements photos of them at times into her art pieces. Even Maries dog has a hobby of cleaning up its favorite beach as an activity and is a small helper in cleaning the local Tenerife beach. Maries passion for sustainability and nature is visible in her art and one can truly feel how she pours her heart out into her works. Remarkably beautiful yet sustainable!

July is a well-known “Plastic Free” month, and Canary Green was part of organizing a beach cleanup at Callao Grande-Playa Grande south of Tenerife. One of the participants, Cris took part in the beach cleanup and was the first one to win a beautiful Angelote Art giveaway art piece. She visited Marie’s studio and was fascinated, just like we at Canary Green, about Maries beautiful yet soulful artworks that reflect the beauty of the ocean and its marine life.

Winner of Plastic Free July Poris Beach Cleanup giveaway, Cris getting to know Angelote Art at Playa Paraiso.

Cris was happy to see the art she creates and urges also others to participate in beach cleanups and to visit the artist’s studio. She was especially stunned by the fact that she is a self-made artist and creates such wonderful pieces of work!

Cris having a look at the beautiful artpieces created by the artist Marie at Angelote Art.

To help keep our coastlines clear from plastic and to do something remarkably good for the local environment join our future beach cleanups and get a chance to possibly win a piece from Angelote Art. Follow us on our social media pages and subscribe to our mailing list to know when the next beach cleanups will take place! Also visit and support Angelote Art at
Let’s make a visible change together to sustain these paradise islands for our future generations!

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