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If you love the Canary Islands as much as we do and feel that we all bear a responsibility for preserving the beauty of the gem where we live then you can help us set a worldwide precedent for the year 2023.

How? By helping us with a survey from which we aim to derive immediate benefits as well as setting a trend so that generations to come are able to enjoy our unique paradise as we can now. You can enter the contest for a chance to win a week’s stay at the luxurious and sustainable Alberto Dorner – Boutique & Luxury Lodging in Tenerife

Whether as a full/part-time resident, life-long /first-time tourist or anyone in-between we would love you to take part in our survey. It will not take long and we can guarantee that your time and effort are designed to have a worthwhile impact and influence.

So what’s the catch? Well although no single person has the strength to change the world, each of us one-by-one can collectively speak up with the undeniable voice that impacts the decision-makers speaking on behalf of generations to come. Reasons for the significance of our particular survey are self-evident (as described above) but because we gather everyone appreciates a free bonus there is a chance of winning one of three grand prizes by making your contribution.

Your opinion is important to us because: 

  • Public opinion on the current initiative
  • Public government policy discussions
  • Private sector rules & accountability
  • Statistical data for scientific research
  •  Benefits for you:
  • Chance to win 1-of-3 grand prize holiday
  • 10m2 beach cleaned with Canary Green
  • Thanks if you can help and be sure that you are making a difference. Through the survey, we intend to demonstrate a collective voice and expression of views in order to influence and impact on decision-makers who shape our current lives and the prospects of those to follow.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone involved in this Canary Green project where our aim is to help promote sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands.

Do you want us to find you more sustainable choices? Please support us and donate today.

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