5 Reasons to Book a Whale Wise Eco Tour in Tenerife


We don’t know about you but the Canary Green team cannot help but be in awe of all the whales and marine life that inhabits the Canary Islands’ ocean. The sheer size and their enchanting beauty make them creatures to be admired. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of seeing a whale up close, in the flesh, just a few meters from where you are sitting. There is a whole other world within touching distance of us and when Mercedes from Whale Wise Eco Tours invited us to experience the magic of whale watching in Tenerife, we could not pass up the opportunity to go.

Best Time to See Whales When Whale Watching in Tenerife

When it comes to picking the perfect spot for whale watching, the Canary Islands are the perfect place thanks to the 26 species of whales and dolphins that call this archipelago their home. In Tenerife, Santiago del Teide offers crystal clear waters and gentle oceans – optimum conditions for a successful excursion. While some varieties of whales that live in these are just passing through on their migration routes, others have found permanent residence here. The best time to book a whale watching tour is between October and February when there are fewer tourists and it is easier to get a closer look at this wonderful species. The spring is best for encountering big baleen whales and oceanic dolphins.

The Importance of Sustainable Whale Watching in Tenerife

We cannot lie, while whale watching is fun, we are crossing oceans and jumping into waters where many marine creatures are living peacefully. If done in an invasive way, this can cause serious harm to the whales and dolphins and this is not to mention the pollution that is left behind. Luckily, at Canary Green, we are dedicated to searching for sustainable companies who are committed to minimising their carbon footprint and conserving the beautiful nature and wildlife that is enjoyed on the tour. Whale Wise Eco Tours is the ultimate sustainable choice for whale watching. From creating their hybrid self-sufficient boat complete with solar-powered electric engines to joining carbon-neutral programmes to offset their impact – they are trailblazers when it comes to eco-tourism.

In short

With Whale Wise Eco Tours you can:
• Book your sustainable whale and dolphin trip
• Offer private charter
• Have fun and learn at the same time

What Makes Whale Wise Eco Tours One of the Best Sustainable and Responsible Whale Watching Tours?

  • They have remastered their boat, creating a hybrid that runs off solar-powered electric engines combined with regular engines.
  • They offset their carbon footprint by collaborating with carbon-neutral programmes.
  • Their tours are focussed on educating tourists about Tenerife’s whales through fun activities.
  • The boat is installed with underwater cameras to monitor the whales at all times.
  • Their work has greatly contributed to make the waters of Tenerife and La Gomera become Europe’s first ‘Whale Heritage Site”
  • Antifouling paint treatment of the hull based on silicones without biocides or toxics.

“The whole point is to show that we can coexist with nature, in balance.”
– Mercedes Reyes Zamudio, founder and owner of Whale Wise Eco Tours

Five Reasons Why You Should Book A Sustainable Whale Watching Tour: Whale Wise Eco Tours

Sustainable tourism is increasingly in demand by tourists who want to explore a more authentic, local side of Tenerife and the neighbouring Canary Islands. From the digital nomads who actively get involved in local initiatives to tourists choosing green accommodation over all-inclusive hotels – sustainability is the buzzword of choice right now. So, while enjoying the beauty of slow travel in Tenerife, why not be inspired by the range of green excursions there are on offer.

1. Locals Know Best

When it comes to insider knowledge, locals are the best source of information. Mercedes travels in her boat daily and therefore knows the stretch of the ocean like the back of her hand. Discover everything there is to know about marine life in the south of Tenerife on one of her carefully put together guided tours.

2. The Ocean Is a Sacred Space

There is only one ocean and that is home to the amazing sea creatures we pay to go and see. Whale Wise Eco Tours treasure this stretch of sea and do their best to make sure that it remains a sanctuary for whales, dolphins and other sea life who feel at home in the Canarian waters. They offer guests access to updated scientific data in addition to daily wellbeing monitoring of the whales that they encounter. Protecting the future of these incredible mammals is their ultimate goal and that is something that the Canary Green team supports 100%.

3. Support Local Businesses

The key to sustainable tourism is ensuring that the local communities benefit and this cannot be more true with Whale Wise Eco Tours. Mercedes has founded the business herself and devotes her time, energy, money and love to the project. She truly lives and breathes her mission to be at one with nature and supporting her goal means creating a greener future for us all to enjoy. All the money invested in the whale watching tours goes into furthering the research of these mammals, maintaining the high sustainable standards of the tour as well as promoting the work undertaken. It is no small feat and a cause we are happy to support.

4. Get an Authentic Taste for Tenerife’s Marine Life

Thanks to the motivation and work to inspire advocacy for cetaceans by Mercedes as part of the Board of Directors of ACEST (Association Cetaceans South of Tenerife), the ocean connecting Tenerife and La Gomera has now become Europe’s first Whale Heritage site. This means that you will never get such a good chance to appreciate this species up close. Mercedes spends time listening and observing – key skills required to understand the whales. Because of this, her tour allows her to capture magical moments shared with the majestic marine life of Tenerife. Don’t be lured onto boats promising sightings of X number of sea creatures per trip. Choose a more holistic, enlightening tour instead.

5. Invest in the Future

By choosing a sustainable whale watching tour, you are investing not only in your future but the future of the island, its wildlife, its residents and the environment. Choosing a sustainable option is one of the most enriching things you can do while on vacation. It is your ticket to understanding the ‘why’ behind a destination and it allows you to support a unified dream of a greener planet. Mercedes and her team at Whale Wise Eco Tours strive to invest 100% in the future. By supporting this vision, you are not just supporting one company but a collective of companies who work unanimously for an eco-friendly future.

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