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Canary Green non profit is run by dedicated, passionate and idealistic professionals who want to promote responsible and sustainable tourism by showcasing all the amazing initiatives on the Canary Islands and inspire local businesses and travellers globally to help create this positive and necessary change.

We want to help the 14 million tourists visiting us each year to travel more sustainably.
That is why we have made it our mission to showcase and promote all the responsible and sustainable initiatives throughout the Canary Islands. Together with local businesses and travellers globally we help create positive and necessary change for a sustainable future.

John founded Canary Green in 2010 to inspire and promote climate change solutions.

A true traveler, Andrea’s expertise lies with holistic skin care & sustainable wellness.

Marcin is a passionate traveller, video and content creator.

Lisa is a French student, excited to help in her small scale, to preserve the island and its inhabitants.

Anne has a background in media and communication, and she currently studies sustainable tourism.

Iratxe works and lives in the Canary Islands photographing beautiful interiors and touristic places.

Dorotea gained her professional experience working in a consulting company as a grant consultant.

Sophie promotes health and well-being within Canary Green members and encourage them to adopt healthy practices in their daily work. 

Grace is a trusted copywriter specialising in lifestyle, sustainability, tourism etc.

Federico is a Digital Marketing expert who is building his own business.

Maëva comes from France where she studied marketing and international relations.

Cris was born and raised in Tenerife and preserving the environment of his island is of absolute importance to him.

Kasia is an experienced and passionate Digital Marketeer, she deeply care about the environment.

Arwa is a student of a Master in Science and Management of Tourism, specialising in sustainability.

Karen has extensive experience as a professional business strategist and advisor.

Selina is working on making travelling more sustainable for every budget.

Jette is a German student who is passionate about creating sustainable solutions for the tourism industry.

Vincent has studied sustainability sciences. He finds inclusive, collaborative projects the best way to solve sustainability problems.

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