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Tenerife Horse Rescue – Sustainable Non Profit


Hidden away in the middle of nowhere, near to the tiny village of La Jaca in Arico you will find Tenerife Horse Rescue. This is us, a small non profit, non government funded, horse and animal sanctuary. We are fully sustainable and run by volunteers living community style on our small eco-friendly Finca.


Our main focus is to create a relaxed and safe environment for horses and animals in need around the Canary Islands to come and live, free from force and pain. We also want to share our knowledge of animal welfare to give animals a voice, showing there are different ways in keeping and training animals.

Sadly, animal welfare on these islands can be very old fashioned and driven by deep rooted strong traditional methods and some ignorance.

Fortunately, animal welfare is now slowly improving and we are here to carry on encouraging this, helping the abandoned and abused animals, offering them a place to live for the remainder of their lives.


We specialise in force-free training and equine communication by offering a horse-first approach, replacing strict traditional training methods with positive reinforcement and freedom of choice to do only what they enjoy.

We believe our horses have already had difficult lives so we don’t choose to work them, we don’t offer riding lessons/excursions or make money from our animals.

It is a difficult situation as we currently rely solely on donations to care for these amazing animals but unfortunately we are already over flowing with horses in need and we can’t keep up with the demand until we can buy the neighbouring land. We have recently started to fundraise this to make it a possibility in the hopefully near future.


“Here we are strong advocates of sustainability and we have created our sanctuary from scratch in a very eco-friendly way.”

We started 2 years ago with an empty piece of rock, with no planning permission, electricity or water. Now, with thanks to a fantastic volunteer abroad scheme, we have managed to build something amazing, giving homes already to over 400 animals big and small.

Our volunteers over the years have been very skilled and passionate about animals and sustainability so they have come to help us build, grow and care. Some of our volunteers have been with us over a year, up to 20 at a time all living in harmonic community style living, except the occasional “you stole by beer/ you didn’t wash up your plate!”


Importantly and amazingly our human food bill is almost zero (YES!!)

We have joined forces with a few companies around the island which supply us with their waste food which feeds us all happily and most of the little animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats etc) this not only helps to save waste but also means we can use our donations where they are needed more such as vet bills and the huge horse food bills.

Each volunteer has their own responsibility and job, from caring, feeding and cleaning the animals to training horses, SEO on the website, cooking, cleaning, driving for donations or gardening. However the main role has been building, this has been an amazing process where we have personally learnt a lot.


Everything has been built from recycled materials found in bins or on
our land. We have managed to build numerous animal enclosures from reclaimed pallets, a full permaculture system watering the plants from cleaned waste water, heated water through horse manurecycle powered washing machine and handmade wind turbines for electricity along with the solar panels.


The most impressive buildings completed has to be the holiday rentals. We have built 2 options, a cave house dug under the goat enclosure, and more spectacularly a Mongolian Yurt. This beautiful accommodation comes complete with glass bottle wall, private kitchen and bathroom built with broken tile mosaic and stones from the land.

Don’t just take our word for it, we encourage you to come and see for yourself the handy work from these amazing volunteers whilst having a fully sustainable holiday where the funds will go directly into rescuing more animals.


We are incredibly proud that ‘Canary Green’ has recognised our contribution to helping on this beautiful island and we were honoured to have them come and visit us to make some great videos and take stunning photos of our project.

Canary Green’s team are super friendly and made the entire experience a pleasure, they are very professional too. John came along with his daughter GabriellaAndrea who interviewed us, Stephanie who connected us and the equally skilled photographer Monika.

Those lovely photos that will take pride with the videos on various platforms and website pages for years to come.

Behind the scenes may not have been as professional on our side, trying to talk about a serious topic when the dogs were play fighting at our feet, horses pooing on camera, the always sociable cockatiels and Rumple the boss cat who all refused to perform on camera and finally the puppies who tried to eat the fluffy thing that protects the microphone from the wind.

However they still managed to create great videos, have a laugh and a lovely morning. We look forward to working together again in the future.

Thank you to everyone involved in this Canary Green project where our aim is to help promote sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands. Do you want us to find you more sustainable choices? Please support us and donate today.

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  1. How do you go about this? Just for a holiday? My family are not shy of hard graft.my husband is a carpenter and myself and my 15 year old daughter are up for helping in many ways

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