thank you

we couldn’t do what we do

(and what we want to do in the future) without all the fine folk chipping in to the cause in various ways!

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and it’s vitally important we have people, sponsors and partners who support us in our goals and in practical ways to get everything achieved and moving forward. Whether that be in the team in the office office, out in the field, designing, writing, attending clean ups, meet ups, spreading the message and fighting the good fight… it would be impossible without YOU!

This page is to showcase several of these top dudes and dudesses who give up their time and energy to contribute to the greater good. For that we are thankful and would like to give credit here…

Once again, thank you everyone… you rock!

"We hope to work with you long into the future and make the impact we are all looking for."

And if you’d like to get involved, the more the merrier! Just get in contact if you’d like to contribute or work with us in any capacity. Thanks so much, and stay Green! #TogetherWeCan

Giant THANK YOU to Mercedes Reyes from Whale Wise Eco Tours.

Giant THANK YOU to Paul Ruane from Los Gigantes Properties S.L. who became our first HIGHT FIVE member!

Giant THANK YOU to Elsa López Suarez from Tenerife Energy Agency and Irene García Fernández from ITER explaining SEAFUEL, sustainable Integration of renewable fuels in local transportation to us.

Giant THANK YOU to Misael Mirales Vargas from Biosean Whale Watching & Marine Science.

Giant THANK YOU to Kay from Alberto Dorner for supporting the local culture and community, making slow tourism the new way of travel.

Our deepest appreciation to Pearly Grey Ocean Club for sponsoring and providing office space for the Canary Green team and to the entire staff for looking after us.

We want to give a huge thank you to Angie Hill for all her help with designing the posters for our cleanup event. 

A big shout out to Patrick Mutzbauer over at Geek Owl for redesigning our website and taking it to the next level.