Vegan and Vegetarian Meals at Tierra Cafe (Tenerife)

From Farm to Fork – Tierra Cafe

Why Tierra Cafe’s Vegan Meals Are So Popular!

Tenerife may be known for its meaty, traditional cuisine but that hasn’t stopped Elisa and Isabelle Castro from putting Tenerife on the vegan food trail. Their café ‘Desde La Tierra’, or ‘From the Earth’ in English is located in Puerto Colon, a popular hotspot for locals and tourists alike. It is here that a foodie revolution started changing the eating habits in Tenerife, shifting the focus from taste to seasonal eating. The vegan meals that are lovingly prepared at the café come from the family farm, Finca La Caldera located just up the hill from the café. You cannot get more sustainable than that!

Vegan Meals in Tenerife

It is not hard to see why Tierra has become a Mecca for vegans and vegetarians visiting Tenerife. Just upon entering the café visitors are met with an explosion of colour which is enough to brighten anyone’s day. Then, most importantly the menu is full of delicious, beautifully presented food, ready to please the snap happy Instagrammers that flock from all corners of the island to dine here. Tierra’s all day brunch menu is a firm favourite amongst diners as well as their smoothie bowls, fresh juices, Buddha bowls and their selection of sweet treats like vegan banana bread. It is not uncommon to see pictures of Tierra’s food appear on Instagram while browsing the popular hashtag #meatfreemondaycanarias. It is enough to make your stomach rumble just looking at it.

What to Expect from Tierra Café

Dining at Tierra Café is not the typical Canarian gastronomic experience that you can find at any old local cafe. Both Elisa and Isabelle spent time living in the UK and have been influenced by the growing plant-based movement that is commonly found in big cities such as London. Their family farm has been passed through generations for over 200 years and the sisters saw an opportunity to share a part of their heritage with the island, this time through green eating. The Tierra Café experience focuses on local production, zero waste and natural food. This wholesome approach can be felt throughout everything from the quirky interior design, the warm welcome customers receive and the intricately created vegan food that looks so delicious that even the most carnivorous diners are tempted. 

In short

At Tierra Café you can:

• Enjoy vegan and vegetarian delicious meals, including sweets

• Order vegan/vegetarian catering

• Get special discount
by supporting global campaign of MEATFREEMONDAY

Revolutionising Vegetarian Restaurants in Tenerife

It is hard to ignore Elisa and Isabelle’s passion for vegan food and the sustainable lifestyle that surrounds it. They have created a green oasis in the heart of Tenerife south and have become local advocates for sustainable food. But, their efforts don’t stop there. In addition to the buzzing veggie hotspot they have created a store to boost local commerce and promote the vegan lifestyle in all its forms. The Tierra Store sits right next door to the famous café making it a convenient way for customers to carry on the Tierra experience at home. Expect to find high-quality natural store cupboard essentials from nuts, cereals and freshly baked bread to nut butters, vegan milk and even vegan cakes. There is also a lifestyle section offering natural alternatives to chemical laden cleaning products and cosmetics.

Why is Sustainable Eating Important?

Tierra has become a lifestyle and their motto ‘Vida Sana, Comida Sana’ perfectly echoes their mission for holistic health. Healthy life, healthy food. Increasingly more and more people are shifting their focus to a greener lifestyle both for environmental reasons and for ethical reasons. And, with so many tasty vegan meals to choose from, it has become easier than ever before to make a switch. But why should we move towards a more plant based diet? Well, apart from the most obvious reasons such as global warming and cruelty free eating, sustainable food is also beneficial for your health. 

  • Eating meat no more than 3 times a week can prevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease a year.
  • It can take 30 bathtubs of fresh water to produce just one beef burger
  • ⅓ of all land on Earth is used for livestock production

Source: meatfreemondays

Enjoy Veggie Food in Tenerife

So, if you are visiting Tenerife and find yourself Googling ‘Vegan food near me’ head straight to Tierra Cafe. Not only will you be able to taste some of the freshest food on the island, you will also be supporting an eco-friendly movement that works towards a greener future. And, to sweeten the deal. If you fancy joining the Canary Green and Tierra Café community, simply snap a pic of your latest vegetarian dishes and use the hashtag #meatfreemondaycanarias to enjoy 15% off your meal at the Tierra café. Just be sure to show the post before you order. You won’t be disappointed. 

Tag #MeatFreeMondayCanarias and join the movement! Tag us @canaryislandsgreen on Instagram and we re-post you!

When the discount will be applied?💚
•1•🚶‍♂️Come to Tierra Café on Monday and have your meat free meal
•2•📸 Make a picture/video of your meatfreemeal
•3•🌐 Publish this picture/video on any social media channel (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…) with this hashtag↪️#meatfreemondaycanarias + mark the restaurant @tierra_cafe_tenerife
•4•🙋‍♀️Show the post to the Tierra Café staff
•5• 🤑Huraaaay!!! Your 15% discount for a meal is applied (⚠️there is no discount for a drinks!)

Bon apettit!🍽️😋

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