Walk for Life Tenerife in 2017 with Canary Green Team

Walk For Life 2021 – Breast Cancer Support

Let’s be heroes together at Walk For Life 2021

WALK FOR LIFE Foundation announces the 2021 RACE FOR THE CURE against breast cancer (even not in such a massive form as usually). Join Canary Green Team and REGISTER yourself on www.raceforthecure.eu donating just 5 euros, and support those affected by cancer and cancer research.

run with us

If you have been thinking about a way to make our world a better place but you couldn’t figure out how, Canary Green has a proposal – join us for a big event that has the purpose of supporting research for breast cancer. We are talking about the Walk For Life 2021 and the bonus is that you will also reach your number of steps goals for that day! In short, you can help in the process of solving a huge public health issue while also contributing to your health. 

The event will take place from the 26th of September till the 10th of October. more than 400 participants have already signed up for the challenge.

So, this is our invitation to you- let’s run or walk together and help bring a change in this world, as a team, on the 26th of September at 10 am, on the paseo marítimo between Playa Paraiso and Callao Salvaje. 

See you here on 26th September at 10am

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We are a fun, international team, willing to make the planet more sustainable but also we like to show our support to real heroes in our community – in this case, The Carrera por la Vida – Walk for Life Foundation

All you have to do is sign up here and offer a donation of 5 € for breast cancer research. We can’t wait to meet you and run together!

In short

Why is this run(walk) so important?

• you help people that really need to be supported - the ones affected by cancer

• you support cancer reasearch and cancer foundation

• you do a great thing for your physical and mental health 🙂

Canary Green supports breast cancer foundation

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Walk for life foundation

Walk for life FOUNDATION

canary Foundation for breast cancer support and reasearch

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