Why We Must Start Living in a More Sustainable Way

It is absolutely vital that current generations understand that with the increasing pace of environmental destruction, we will totally ruin our planet for future generations, unless we take action to prevent this catastrophe now. Making widespread and immediate changes to the way we all live is the only viable solution to prevent the devastating events that threaten our planet.

Without a doubt, one of the most fundamental issues facing our planet and humanity is Global Warming. Because of this there have already been many devastating events happening in recent years across the globe. Massive storms with huge floods and ferocious winds have already taken many lives, and this is likely to be just the beginning of what is to come unless we make drastic changes!

We have to start changing our day to day lifestyle if we want to reduce the effects of Global Warming and live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The simplest way for you to live in a more conscious and environmentally friendly way is through taking small steps in your everyday life.

How to change to a more sustainable lifestyle

For example at the grocery store don’t use a single-use plastic bag for your vegetables and other groceries. Instead, use your own fabric bag or don’t use a bag at all because eventually you will wash your vegetables anyway before eating. In this way, we can make a huge difference towards protecting our ecosystem; not only should our family members change their habits but society has to make changes too. It all takes time but the sooner we act, the sooner positive results will become noticeable. 

In my opinion, the first big step towards better climate control is to decrease CO2 emissions in our atmosphere. We should plant more trees and other plants because they are our best friends in overcoming this ongoing problem; they literally help to clean our air by absorbing carbon dioxide.

We have to protect rain-forests, not cut them down. People should be more aware of their economic footprint and reduce it as much as they can. 

If we don’t take action today, who will take action tomorrow! 

By Andres Sokk


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